Copeland’s Cure: A Mama Bear Shares Some Lessons from History Part 1

History is a Great Teacher I love history. When I was a little girl my dad used to call me into the living room to see what was happening on the news.  I remember the day that President Nixon resigned. My dad told me that I was watching “history in the making.” I was only […]

Additional Insight on our Citizen Petition

Our FDA petition seeks to protect homeopathy including non-HPUS remedies while we work toward a legislative solution. The petition is a first line of defense that forces FDA to slow down and respond. BY PAOLA BROWN, PRESIDENT, AMERICANS FOR HOMEOPATHY CHOICE  August 30, 2018 We at Americans for Homeopathy Choice are a consumer group made […]

What Did We Say to the FDA?

Hey Mother Bears and Other Bears.  As the AFHC Blog Editor, I am pleased to share this exciting announcement here on our blog. By now you know, and if you do not know, let me give you a bear paw full.  President, Paola Brown, Vice President, Mindy McLane, and Board Member, Allison Stusse submitted a […]

When they Say That, You Say This

Mama Bears, Papa Bears, and everyone in between A recent article by Loretta Butehorn, Ph.D., CCH, RSHom(NA) in Homeopathy Today, Why Words Matter, addresses the negative connotations, the negative words associated with homeopathy. These words readily used among the skeptics, the naysayers, and the opponents of homeopathy. She referenced words such as “placebo, nothing in […]

Above Board

Hello Mama Bears and Papa Bears. This includes you if you are here reading this blog. Mama and Papa Bears are nurturing, caring and mothering people who care for, nurture and mother others. This nurturing extends to your own children, friends, pets, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, even your parents as your seasons change. Today I […]