A Choice and a Chance

In my continuing efforts to support Americans for Homeopathy Choice and its fight to save homeopathy, I hosted a Magic Pills screening in my home.  Filmmaker and homeopath Ananda More travels the world exploring whether homeopathy is fact or fiction.

My screening had the capacity for twenty-four viewers and twenty-four was the total registered count.  The group of twenty-two that were present started arriving early on the cold and rainy Saturday excited about the movie and the culinary delights of snacks promised.  

We feasted on, of course, movie food, popcorn, washed down with pomegranate green tea.  The dessert of cranberry sweet potato bread added just the right sweetness to satisfy the sweet tooth.  These concoctions, prepared by me, sourced with the healthiest ingredients and bursting with flavor are what my guests always expect when attending my events.  With Christmas instrumentals playing in the background, the look, smell and taste of the food drew them in before we headed to the theatre room for a pre-talk about homeopathy and the film to come.  

What was so special about this gathering is that the overwhelming number of guests consisted of mostly those with no knowledge of homeopathy.  It was interesting to witness their acceptance of an alternative mode of healing despite its newness to them. But it is evident that many are seeking and intuitively know that there is a better way to wholeness.  The stage has been set and the appetite has been wet for this group of newbies to jump in and learn. And they expressed, during and afterward, their interest and since then have been inquiring with questions.   

They agreed, even though they had no prior knowledge, that there was a better way than the current medical mode of conventional medicine.  So, I have an entire group to reach and teach and then they will reach and teach those that are in their sphere of influence.  As we each replicate this process, the supporters of homeopathy grow exponentially.  

These homeopathic virgin ears were most attentive to an introduction into homeopathy and the ninety minutes of Ananda’s global trot to expose the fallacies and the truths.  Our dialogue continued after we ended the film. They were eager to get more information and even more enthusiastic about the possibility to be taught.

As the afternoon ended, we said our goodbyes and made to go bags of the leftovers and I exhaled.  I reflected on the day and recognized it was successful and my goals were met. I was pleased that the guests left with more knowledge than what they had before.  But what resonated in my spirit was Ananda’s final statement of the film:

We will never know everything, but we must continue to ask questions, test our ideas and confront our prejudices so we can approximate truth and give us all a choice and a chance to be healthy.  

I deserve the right to have a choice and a chance to choose homeopathy.  My family deserves the right to have a choice and a chance to choose homeopathy.  

As the year ends and the 2019 deadline for comments on the citizen’s petition fast approaches, join me to give generations a choice and a chance to be healthy and choose homeopathy by:

  • Joining the Bear Pack giving $25 or more monthly  here
  • Volunteering for Americans for Homeopathy Choice here
  • Reading and commenting on the Citizen’s petition here
  • Writing, calling, and emailing your Congresspersons here
  • Going to Americans for Homeopathy Choice’s website here and following the instructions to complete all these actions.  
  • And if you cannot complete a unique comment and want to add your voice to the petition quickly and easily, click http://signthehomeopathypetition.com/

Always with the power to choose,

Harriet Noel Jones

About Harriet Noel Jones:  Harriet is a speaker, writer, and published author.  Connect with her at her at https://alwaysafirstlady.com  where she transforms lives with Faith and Wisdom Principles for Wholistic Living.  At home in Tennessee, you can find her always with a healthy living concoction brewing.  

 “The views expressed in “Bear Thoughts” posts are a service provided by guest writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Americans for Homeopathy Choice.” 

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