Announcement: The fall 2020 Pledge Drive: Revolutionary Women in Homeopathy

We’re happy to announce the 2020 Pledge Drive and it’s accompanying theme: Revolutionary Women in Homeopathy. The 2020 Pledge Drive will take place on Nov 9 – Nov 13.


If you’ve been here long, you probably know a bit about why we all care so much about homeopathy! Homeopathy has changed many of our lives. It is powerful medicine, cost effective, accessible, and for many, it makes all the difference for us to live a robust life!

You also might know that AFHC has been a front-runner in protecting our rights to use homeopathy freely. And we generate many of our funds and members through our annual pledge drive.

Here’s what’s at stake this year:

With your help, we’ve come FAR since 2017. Have you seen our action timeline? If you look at 2019, FDA has revised and reissued a new version of draft guidance. This is thanks to your support and our collective efforts! But unfortunately, their changes did not go far enough.  The FDA is still making it clear to us–both in meetings and in their communications–that it intends to treat homeopathy as illegal. It is up to homeopathy users to stand up to the FDA and lawmakers to make it clear that homeopathy must be given More proper attention by those regulating it.

Because of YOU, AFHC has continually been a leader in leading consumer activism for homeopathy. We know that the consumer voice is the most powerful one. We’ve been able to make so much progress because of the continual support of donors like you. It takes a lot of resources to help us effectively reach the lawmakers that matter when it matters. Sometimes we need tools that help us reach local and federal representatives quickly and effectively, other times it’s transportation funds to send mothers and homeopathy users to actually meet with representatives in DC. Other times it’s to help cover our critical legal costs–which are becoming even more important as we progress and move forward. Your funds go directly to support the protection of homeopathy use.

How you can get involved:

We have so many incredible supporters of this movement. To make this year’s pledge drive more fun, we’ve received special prize donations from supporters and included a few of our own! Each day, you’ll be able to enter to win a new prize bundle with each raffle. Each donation can count for one or multiple raffle entries depending on the type of donation. Learn more about the raffle entries here

Here’s an important tip: The winners for each day are chosen from a pool of EVERY entry up until the final day. So you have a greater chance of winning if you enter early!

Bear Pack member alert! Keep in mind that if you’re already one of our faithful Bear Pack members (someone who donates $25 or more a month to our cause), you are automatically entered. WE love you, Bear Pack! Thank you for all you do! If you’re not in the Bear Pack yet, now is an excellent time to join and automatically get entered in the raffle!

Our Pledge Drive Speakers:

Each day during the pledge drive, we’ll have a special speaker, each with a unique topic. We’ll be broadcasting the video to Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter! So you can join in whatever way you prefer! Like we mentioned, the theme is “Revolutionary Women in Homeopathy,” so each of the speakers is a powerful female leader in the homeopathy space, and we’re honored to have each one of them join us!

Your donations are what make Americans for Homeopathy Choice possible! They are what makes it possible for homeopathy to remain legal and accessible in America.

We hope you consider donating!

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