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Kelly Moeggenborg

When my family was young, I just didn't know the truth about what I was feeding them. I also didn't know the huge difference that even small changes could make. Not just for our kids’ overall health, but their behavior and learning are affected too. Well-nourished kids are much easier to raise! After years of feeding my family what I now call “crap food”, and listening to the “wisdom” of our doctors, I discovered the Weston Price Foundation in 2004 and learned how many LIES we've all been told. One of the worst: they said butter was bad for us, but they were wrong! Our lives changed radically as we switched to traditional, whole foods and natural ways to heal. We're now much healthier and rarely sick. The process wasn't easy at the time. There were not many sites back then to help with the transition, and I had too many “food flops” to even count! So I began passionately researching, reading, and gathering a ton of information, and I kept learning how to make real food recipes that tasted good. I also began researching natural medicine and safer ways to keep my family healthy. Finally, in late 2007 I started my Kitchen Kop blog to share all I was learning with other busy moms (and some dads!). When I began I was starving for someone to guide me and would often say, “Someone just tell me what I should feed my family!” So now I want to be that source of help and CLEAR information for you that I didn't have — I will help you easily incorporate this natural way of living into your home without going crazy like I almost did! My family and I live in a small town near Grand Rapids, Michigan where I’m a wife, a Mom of four, a homeschooler, blogger, and author of Real Food for Rookies. I've got a busy life like you do, and we all want to feed our family meals that taste good and are good for us but don't want it to suck up all our money or time as we pull it off. Basically, we want a healthy lifestyle without becoming a slave to it. I've researched a lot through the years and can’t wait to help you learn about the power of real food and natural living — without feeling overwhelmed!

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About the Interview

Kelly Moeggenborg was our Bear Pack speaker for July This time it was opened up for everyone to watch but is now only available to Bear Pack members. Paola and Kelly talked about past homeopathic successes and failures and how they use homeopathy in their day-to-day lives.


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