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Tina Quirk

Tina is a practicing homeopath and writer in NYC and teaches at the Academy of Homeopathy Education NYC|WORLD. She is a long-time collaborator with Jeremy Sherr and the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies and is a project manager for Homeopathy for Health in Africa, which is completing its 10th year treating AIDS patients in Tanzania. She delights in volunteering each year at the Centre in Tanzania, seeing patients and assisting the Tanzanian homeopaths. She is the Past President of the National Center for Homeopathy Board of Directors. Her special interests are homeopathy research, advocacy, and the growth and recognition of homeopathy as an effective and accessible system of health care. She has studied the Human Energy Field and Reiki, as well as having an advanced practice degree in Psychiatric Nursing.

About the Interview

In January, Paola visited with our friend, Tina Quirk, and her friend Elisia Mrema, a fellow homeopath that she works with in Tanzania.


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