Contact President

As a nonpartisan organization, we are appealing to The President to step in and protect our natural and homeopathic healthcare from further, extreme regulations that are damaging to consumers and the industry.


  • Click on the “click for sample letter” button, it will take you to the sample letter.
  • Copy the text and save it to the clipboard. (Shortcut ctrl A/ctrl C is an easy way to do this).
  • Come back to this page and click on the “send letter to Trump” button. This will take you directly to the whitehouse form to contact the President. (Choose the “Contact the President” from their dropdown menu).
  • Paste the sample letter, (ctrl V) into the box that says “What would you like to Say”, and complete the rest of the form with your contact information.
  • Send the form

If you have time, and want to make a larger impact,
please click below to contact our targeted politicians