Join our monthly Bear Pack 

For us to be able to protect homeopathy, we need a minimum of 400 individuals to donate $25 per month. If you can donate $25 per month (or more!) you become a member of our Bear PackAny amount is appreciated, and if you are able to donate more than $25 (i.e. $50) that covers 2 of the 400. Thank you for supporting our freedom to use homeopathy!

Your Donation Helps Us Spread the Word
You can show the world your love for homeopathy by becoming a partner and public supporter. Your gift will help us pay for our legal and public relations teams who are vital in formulating and executing a winning strategy.

It’s a big country out there. In order to reach the 6 million people in the United States who regularly use homeopathic remedies and ask them to help us in this fight, we need to use every tool we can. That costs money.

We also need legal representation to make our case before the FDA and impress upon the agency that we mean business.
And, so we are asking you to give generously to help us preserve our choice to use homeopathy.

To those of you who join our Bear Pack by providing a monthly donation $25 or more, we have a special thank you gift for you, our digital homeopathy prints!!

Our volunteer designer has created these gorgeous digital prints—hang them up near your homeopathy remedy cabinet, or add them to your gallery wall! It’s décor with a cause, and it’s a great conversation starter for friends who ask, “What’s Belladonna?” The prints come sized for 5×5, 5×7, and 8×10 printing with color and black/white options.

Note: These are digital prints. That means can print them at home or send them to your local print shop! . Also, our prints are configured for foil printing. If you want to gold foil any of your digital prints, you can visit specialty printers (i.e. check out custom foil printing shops on Etsy) and they will use your Black/White version to make a custom foil order. Please direct any printing questions to your print shop..

If you are not able to join the monthly Bear Pack at this time, you can still order your digital prints by clicking “Shop” from our menu.

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If choosing a recurring gift option, you will need to sign up/sign in to a PayPal account. This allows you to easily access your subscription and be in control of any changes required. Questions about your donation contact [email protected]