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Sample Comment on FDA Petition

[Keep in mind that the more you put your comment in your own words, the more effective it will be. First, begin by using the key words in the above outline, supporting the petition]

FDA-2018-P-2962-0001 -This is the docket number and needs to be at the top of your comment. 


As a frequent and conscientious user of homeopathic remedies, I urge the FDA to act on the requests contained in this petition swiftly in order to protect the integrity of homeopathic remedies and provide certainty to the homeopathic marketplace. Adopting CPG 400.400 as a regulation will put in place a framework that assures that the trust which has been built up by this guidance over the past 30 years will continue far into the future.

In addition, an advisory committee made up of homeopathic professionals and users will provide the FDA with timely and competent advice on policy and enforcement in all matters homeopathic. There are no people more committed to maintaining the high standards of quality now present in the industry and the homeopathic community than those whose health and livelihoods depend on homeopathy.

[Next, you may wish to personalize your comment. Below is an example of how you might do this by 1) explaining why you like homeopathy and 2) sharing a specific experience using homeopathy.  Keep your description brief, no more than two paragraphs.]

Homeopathy is important to me and my family’s healthcare, and it is our primary form of medicine. We like homeopathy because it is nontoxic, free of side effects, gentle, and a well-studied medicine that has been around for over 200 years. In addition, it is very affordable.

An example of a time when I used homeopathy recently was when my child got severe sunburns that were as a result of summer activities. After calling the nurses line and being told that it did not warrant a trip to the ER, I began to administer homeopathy from my kit. Within only a few minutes, my son said “thank you for healing me.”

These kinds of responses happen often when I treat our various acute conditions with homeopathy. Headaches vanish, bruises diminish, coughs stop, fevers reduce, etc. I have found homeopathy to be an outstandingly safe and effective method for treating my family. Even my dog gets homeopathy, I have treated his arthritis with great success.


[Finally, conclude your letter by thanking the FDA for its attention to this matter.]

Thank you for considering the contents of the petition carefully; I was also pleased that the FDA released this petition in a timely manner.  It leads me to believe that you do really want to listen and respond to consumers. I fully support each of the actions requested in the petition: formation of an advisory committee, withdrawal of the Draft Guidance, and making the CPG 400.400 into regulation.