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Americans for Homeopathy Choice has submitted a new 2020 Citizen Petition to the FDA proposing regulations that we believe will assure the quality and purity of homeopathic medicines while maintaining our access to the full range of medicines important for our health care. The petition has been endorsed by 20 leading homeopathy organizations nationwide.
We submitted this petition because we felt the necessity of going beyond simply trying to modify the FDA’s proposed Draft Guidance, a document that we believe will not address the problems the FDA has identified and which is wholly inadequate for meeting the needs of the homeopathy community.

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A Summary of

The Citizen Petition

Our petition is 38 pages long and includes 13 appendices. Click here to read the petition and all its appendices. For those who want the short version, here is a quick summary:

The petition contains the following:

  • A proposed rule, that is, a set of regulations, to be enacted by the FDA that will have the force of law and cannot be issued without public hearings and a process that ensures input from the public. This would replace the FDA’s use of a “guidance” document that can be changed or ignored at the agency’s whim. These guidance documents are not technically legally binding. But they can and have already caused a great deal of uncertainty for consumers and manufacturers alike.
  • Clear guidelines for protecting consumers from improperly manufactured and/or labeled products.
  • Methods for assuring continuing access to the full range of homeopathic medicines on the market today.
  • Clear regulations for manufacturers that tell them what they should do in order to adhere to the law and meet the FDA’s expectations for quality and purity. Right now, the FDA’s proposed guidance provides no clear guidelines and so manufacturers are in the dark about the FDA’s expectations.
  • A framework for moving genuine homeopathic medicines into the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States in a way that protects consumers and allows the expansion of homeopathic medicines available in the United States.

Why is there a

New 2020 Petition?

The FDA action timeline highlights our actions since the FDA released its first Draft Guidance on homeopathy back in December 2017. Each time you have commented has been for a different purpose and is a vital part of our strategy.  The wheels of government move slow, so remember this process is like a marathon with sprints intermixed.  We appreciate your endurance in our efforts to protect homeopathy!