Getting Started With Homeopathy

Welcome to our Getting Started With Homeopathy series. Are you wondering if homeopathy REALLY works? Have you heard that homeopathy is unscientific and want to hear the other side? Or, are you looking to learn the basics of homeopathy and become acquainted with this alternative medicine? This series is for you.

We’ll update this page as we release new articles in the series.

  1. Does Homeopathy Work? by Marianne Moss Madsen, MS, BCND
  2. How To Get Started With Homeopathy, by Jenna Dodge, CCH
  3. How Does Homeopathy Work? by Haroula Battista, Hon. BSc., DHMHS, HOM
  4. The History of Homeopathy by Haroula Battista, Hon. BSc., DHMHS, HOM

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