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HAT Team Advocacy Update- February

Check out the an update our president, Paola Brown recently sent us on the AFHC advocacy work!

Homeopathy on the Hill Marches Forward


Dear Homeopathy Supporter,


Our April Homeopathy on the Hill (HOH) event is creeping closer on the calendar and if you haven’t already signed up, I urge you to do so. You can register here. Please understand that your registration fee helps to pay for the costs associated with this critical event.


The event brings you in touch with your member of Congress to discuss the importance of homeopathy, all from the comfort of your home. That’s because the meetings will be held by video conferencing using such programs as Zoom.


We’ll Help You Prepare


When you sign up, we’ll send you a handbook that tells you how to make an appointment, what to say at the appointment, and how to let us know what happened. You’ll get additional training on April 21, the day before your appointment. At this online training we’ll have updates and take your questions.


Then, the next day, April 22, you’ll have your meeting. This usually takes 15 to 30 minutes, and it is normally with a member of the staff. After that, you’ll be able to participate late in the day in the closing ceremonies with actress Lindsay Wagner who is also a fervent supporter of homeopathy.


It’s easy to participate! Just go to the sign-up page, click on the “Register Now” button, and then fill out a little information to get the process started. After that, we’ll contact you with instructions.


The best part is that WE WILL SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT FOR YOU. Yes! That’s definitely an upgrade from our last HOH event two years ago!


Legislative News


Your leadership team has been busy in recent weeks roaming the halls of Congress (virtually, of course) to prepare the way for your arrival in April. We have had many good meetings with members of Congress and their staffs as we seek to find sponsors for legislation designed to protect homeopathy.


The shape of that legislation is not yet entirely decided, as we must consider not only what we want, but also what we can expect to get through Congress. We believe we will have some important legislative news in the not-too-distant future which may affect what you’ll be discussing with your member of Congress. So, stay tuned!


Keep Up the Momentum


Every step we take forward is a step closer to our destination. That destination is a world in which access to homeopathy is protected, and the quality of homeopathic medicines is assured by the properly focused enforcement efforts of the FDA.


That is the world we can have. That is the world we will have with your help!


In good health,


Paola Brown, President

Americans for Homeopathy Choice


P.S. Please sign up for Homeopathy on the Hill by clicking here.


P.P.S. If you are unable to participate in Homeopathy on the Hill, please consider making a contribution by visiting our donation page.


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