HAT Team January Advocacy Update

Homeopathy Petition While Congress Listens

Dear Homeopathy Supporter,

You were hearing from me all last fall about our Citizen Petition to the FDA which proposes to put a solid and reasonable regulatory foundation under homeopathy. Back then, I asked you to post comments supporting that petition on the FDA website. And you’ve come through with almost 30,000 comments so far. That’s fantastic!

The semi-bad news is that the FDA has understandably been too busy handling the pandemic emergency to draft a response to our petition. The agency has taken a six-month extension on the deadline for responding as is allowed under law. We will do another comment push to try and get our numbers up, closer to that deadline, but for now we are turning our eyes towards another important opportunity.

An Important Opportunity
The good news is that we have an important opportunity to enlist Congress to help us in our quest to protect homeopathy. We are preparing now for our second Homeopathy on the Hill event which puts supporters like you in touch with their members of Congress to discuss homeopathy. Those members and their staffs are currently holding almost all meetings by video conferencing using such programs as Zoom. That means that you have the opportunity to reach your member of Congress from the comfort of your own home.

Please consider signing up for a meeting with your member of Congress. You can get more information from our Homeopathy Action Team at the following web address:

Such meetings are especially important as we continue our work with supporters in Congress. With them we are crafting a bill to protect homeopathy that can gain bipartisan support when it is introduced.

I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake. If the FDA gets its way, the agency will be able to withdraw even properly manufactured and labeled homeopathic medicines from the marketplace. And that means that popular remedies like Aconitum Napellus and Nux Vomica could disappear from store shelves and online portals never to return.

We’re Gaining Momentum
But we’re gaining momentum with each step, and we believe that the only way is forward. We must prevail and so we will prevail—so that you, your families, your friends (and all their loved ones, too!) can continue to lead healthy lives helped in part by homeopathy.

We have many more miles to go before we protect access to homeopathy for anyone and everyone in America who wants it. The opponents of homeopathy are hoping we’ll give up. I can tell you that I will never give up. I know from personal experience that many of you feel the same way. And, that is our secret weapon!

The recent holiday season was difficult for all of us in the face of the ongoing pandemic. But I continue to be filled with hope when I look at all we have accomplished together. The coming year is going to be a critical one. We can do this if we stay focused and above all, if stay together.

With best wishes for your good health in the New Year,

Paola Brown, President
Americans for Homeopathy Choice

P.S. To volunteer or make a contribution, please visit our website at:

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