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Why you are needed on the

Action Team

Team members are provided with a comprehensive training program and direction from the Americans for Homeopathy Choice leadership to build relationships with their legislators and raise awareness in their communities. We are seeking homeopathy consumers and professionals so that both are represented when we connect with elected officials and the general public.

Many hands make light work!

Become a consistent advocate–someone who builds a relationship with your U.S. Representative and/or Senate office.

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions about what is involved in participating on the Homeopathy Action Team (HAT)?

So many of you are so concerned about ...

saving & empowering American homeopathy

You may have visited our Homeopathy Action Team (HAT) webpage, but you still want to learn a little bit more before signing up. Right now, AFHC has just completed our amazingly successful Homeopathy on the Hill event. At some point, we pray and hope that bill will be introduced. Regardless of when our bill is introduced, we need at LEAST 51% of the districts covered by a HAT advocate who will build a relationship with their U.S. Representative or Senate office. Joining HAT is free and if you didn’t participate in Homeopathy on the Hill, we will coach you and bring you up to speed. What is holding you back from joining the HAT? We want to help you find your courage and power, and in this webinar, we’ll walk you through how the HAT works, and what support we will be providing you! 

Consider this webinar as a friendly kick-in-the-pants to get you involved during one of the most critical times in American homeopathy history. If you’re just ready to join HAT now, click this link!

What will you learn in this webinar?

why now?

We are in one of the most critical times in history to advocate for the legal freedom of homeopathic medicine. In 2017 FDA released a policy document–currently in draft form–that will categorize all homeopathic medicines as technically illegally marketed. This will allow FDA to remove homeopathic medicines for any reason or no reason at all. Which homeopathic medicine are you willing to lose? FDA has already mentioned Belladonna, Nux vomica, and others as concerns. This event organizes regular people like you into a coordinated grassroots effort, getting Congress involved.

There’s no better way to protect and support access to homeopathic medicines than speaking directly with the Members of the United States Congress on Capitol Hill. We need you to join our HAT team because your voice will change history. You are needed now more than ever. 

Ready to join now?

If you have further questions, we’ll be ready to answer them during the webinar on Sept 21st! If you’re already convinced, just click below to join Homeopathy Action Team now!

We will send you an email with the link to watch the webinar replay via Zoom. Just confirm your registration to get access to it!