-Questions about Registration-

Americans for Homeopathy Choice will be introducing a broader legislative strategy to Congress (a Bill) during the Congressional Luncheon Briefing. We need to get as much support as possible to protect and empower homeopathy. That is why we need you to register for the event (either Help from Home or Come to DC), and follow the instructions in the Connecting with Congressional Staff handbook to maximize our success at getting staffers to attend the event. This handbook will be emailed to you after you register.

DC is a wonderful place for families and children, and if you are bringing your family, we have provided resources on this page to help you plan a great experience for them. As far as the Homeopathy on the Hill Event goes, the following three activities may be appropriate for your family members:

-the Moonlight Tour on (Sunday night April 7 at 7pm), 
-the Capitol Hill Tour (Monday April 8 from 8am-1pm), and the 
-Magic Pills Screening (Tuesday night  April 9 from 7-11 pm) 

*Be sure to take time and review the details of these three activities on our itinerary.   We encourage you to determine if your children would be a good fit for these activities. For example, some younger children may find the tours to be too long, and the screenings may be too late for some kids.  But if you feel it’s a good fit, by all means include your family!

Unfortunately, the following activities are not well-suited for children and families:

-the training dinner (Monday night April 8 from 4-7pm),
-and especially at the Congressional luncheon (Tuesday April 9 at noon).

We sincerely hope you understand that we are not able to accommodate families at both these activities.  We need to make sure that everyone who needs training gets it, and that we can have the maximum number of staffers attend the Briefing. 

This is correct. Thank you for being willing to donate! Any amount you give will be greatly appreciated. Click here to donate more to this event: https://homeopathychoice.org/individual-donation/ 

We would be happy to help you with this. Please contact us at info@homeopathychoice.org

There are 3 airports in DC, and we recommend checking prices for each:

  • Best option: National (DCA) is the nearest one to DC and has a metro station attached to it.
  • 2nd best option: Washington Dulles (IAD) about 26 miles from DC.
  • 3rd option: The Baltimore Airport  (BWI) is 31 miles to DC.  

Please visit the event map. It has details on where you should be, when you should be there, how to get there (car, metro or Uber/taxi) and if you are driving, if parking is available.

Because hotels and lodging is so expensive in DC, many of our attendees are opting to stay with local friends (or friends of friends) or to find an Air BnB.

If you would like us to connect you to other women/moms who are booking and grouping  themselves together in Air Bn’Bs please fill out the form available on the following link. Sharing an Air Bn’B room with others generally costs approximately $25-$50 a night. Please register for the event first before asking us to connect you to a lodging group. After registering, head to Lodging in DC.


Note:  When it comes to registration, there are various optional activities such as DC tours, but the critical dates/activities are: (1) Monday night training dinner on April 8 & Tuesday Congressional Luncheon in April 9= $42* and (2) Tuesday night Magic Pills Screening  on April 9= $35*

*Ticket Prices go up after Feb. 25

Generally, the closer in you are to the White House and the National Mall, the safer the area is.  Very generally, areas that have an “SE” suffix after them aren’t as safe as areas with an “NW” suffix.  Absolutely avoid any “SE” area south of the Anacostia River. Some of Capitol Hill has an “SE” suffix, though, and it is quite nice; those areas are within 5 blocks or so of the US Capitol.  Areas with an “NE” suffix can be nice, provided you are not more than 3-4 miles north of the National Mall. Much of areas with an “NW” suffix are good, but if you go too far north they can become less nice, too.   This advice is conservative and some may think it is too cautious, but we want you to enjoy your time in Washington, DC. Please ask us if you have any questions before booking a place to stay.


If you prefer to stay at a hotel, we recommend the following accommodations which are nearest to our two major events: The Congressional Briefing a lunch on April 9th and the Magic Pills Screening on that same evening.

Lodging near the Rayburn House Office Building:

Lodging near the AFI Silver Theatre:

*Note:  Because this location is not in the center of DC and in near Silver Spring, Maryland, hotel price may be cheaper here.

Unfortunately, Samuel Hahnemann was born during cherry blossom season and this has complicated the event (let’s hope the flowers are blooming so you will at least get that benefit!)  Hotels have very strict rules during cherry blossom season.  If we blocked out a set of rooms, and didn’t fill those rooms, we would have had to pay a penalty fee that we could not afford. Also, our research showed that many of our attendees would be staying with friend or friends of friends, or that they would schedule an AirBnB. For this reason we did not schedule a block of rooms. But, if you do want to stay in a hotel, we did do a lot of research and found you excellent hotels that are centrally located to our events.

Please visit our event map. It has details on where you should be, when you should be there, how to get there (car, metro or Uber/taxi) and if you are driving, if parking is available.

Sure! Here is a great page that explains how to get around the subway system (they call it the Metro)  https://washington.org/navigating-dc-metro

And here is a link that explains how to use Uber (Taxis are more expensive): https://help.uber.com/riders/section/a-guide-to-uber?nodeId=5a9e5cd6-88f4-4597-b29a-4feb67d407c2

April 7th

Moonlight Tour –Comfortable walking clothes and shoes.

April 8th 

Day Tour in DC – Comfortable walking clothes and shoes. 

Training Dinner- No official dress code. Come comfortable for a fun evening of food, discussion, and preparing for our big day in DC.

April 9th 

Congressional Briefing/Luncheon- Wear professional clothing. For men this will be a coat, tie, formal slacks and dress shoes. For women this will be dress pants or a skirt, blouse or jacket, and low-key jewelry (if you decide to wear any). It is VERY IMPORTANT to adhere to this dress code.

Red Carpet Screening Magic Pills- This is a fun time to get all glammed up! Formal or semi-formal dress. Tuxedos and gowns are encouraged.

April 10th 

Conference in Philadelphia – Please check the conference website for any details. https://worldhomeopathyday2019.godaddysites.com/

-Questions about Meeting with Staffers-

We have two separate handbooks—one for those helping from home and one for those coming to DC. This handbook, called Connecting with Congressional Staff, gives a detailed guide on how to contact your representative. You will receive this handbook after you register for the April 8th Training Dinner.

When you registered, it should have been emailed to you via the auto-respond email from EventBrite. Also, our volunteer should have contacted you with a follow-up email within one to two days. Both emails will provide a PDF attachment to that email. If you haven’t received it within two days after you register, email us at events@homeopathychoice.org

Yes, there will be an online training session and a special Connecting with Congressional Staff handbook for those helping from home. The training session is scheduled for February 22nd at noon Eastern Time, and you will get the meeting details after you register via the EventBrite confirmation email. Please read the Connecting with Congressional Staff handbook BEFORE the training session. If you register after Feb. 22nd or if you are not able to attend the training session, you will be provided a link to a recording of the session.

To register to help us from home, click here. https://homeopathychoice.org/hoh-registration/

For those coming to DC, you are still welcome to join the online training session on February 22nd at noon eastern. Zoom link or recording will be emailed to you from EventBrite after you register.  Also, there is a separate Connecting with Congressional Staff handbook that will be emailed to via the same EventBrite auto-respond. Please read it immediately after you receive it as it includes instructions on how to schedule an in-office appointment with your staffer and how to encourage your staffer to attend the luncheon. Our Monday night (April 8th) training dinner at Busboys and Poets restaurant will supplement the information in this handbook.

To register to come to DC, click here: https://homeopathychoice.org/hoh-registration/

Yes. Our Connecting with Congressional Staff handbook has instructions on how to make arrangements for this. This handbook will be emailed to you after you buy your ticket to the event. If for some reason you registered and did not receive it, you may email us at: events@homeopathychoice.org

Contact us at events@homeopathychoice.org and we will walk you through additional options.

Yes. You should buy your ticket for the luncheon before you have made arrangements with your staffer to attend. As you try to set up an appointment for an office visit with your staffer, you will have several opportunities to inform the staffer about the event and ask whether he or she is going. The Connecting with Congressional Staff handbook will show you how. If you purchase the ticket but the arrangements do not work out, please go back to the EventBrite and alter your registration. Also, send us an email  at events@homeopathychoice.org letting us know so that we can release your seat for someone else who may be wait-listed.

Also, it is possible that we will have more staffers attend than anticipated, and if this happens we may have to bump you from the luncheon to make room for the staffers. We hope you understand that it is a priority for staffers to attend this meeting. If we do this, we will offer you a refund. But, we ask that you consider donating the amount which is tax-deductible.

Yes, you can still offer to walk with your staffer to the event or agree to meet at the door of the event room if that’s what the staffer prefers. You can still watch the briefing from your cell phone as we are going to put any DC attendees not coming to the luncheon into a Facebook group where we will set up a livestream feed of the briefing.

Yes. You need to choose a lead person who will be our main contact for your group and let us know who that person is at events@homeopathychoice.org 

Unfortunately, only one of you can attend the briefing with your staffer.  Decide among yourselves who your lead person will be. We are trying to maximize the number of staffers who attend, and we have limited seating. However, we encourage all of you to attend any meeting in the office of the staffer and follow the guidelines in the Connecting with Congressional Staff handbook for that meeting. This will be your chance to talk to your staffer about homeopathy.

Yes. You can watch on a Facebook group we are creating for this purpose. The group page will provide a livestream of briefing which you can watch on your cellphone, tablet or other device.

-Miscellaneous Questions-

What to do in Washington?

If you’re planning on staying in DC longer, there are lots of amazing things to do while you’re in town!