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Volunteer Roles:

We are so glad you’re here, interested in helping in our advocacy efforts!

In the video on the left, our AFHC president, Paola Brown, and one of the Homeopathy Action Team (HAT) leaders, Cathi Diaz, discuss what the HAT team is all about.  In this short 15 minute video you will hear about how you can get involved in the HAT team and why it’s so important to the success of our advocacy work.

This page has more information which may help answer your questions about our HAT program!

Thanks for being interested in joining our powerful advocacy group, the Homeopathy Action Team (HAT). Currently, registration to join HAT is closed. We will notify you when we schedule the next webinar to provide information about what it takes to be a member of HAT. At the time of the webinar, we will also open up HAT Registration.

In the meantime, to sign up to the waiting list, or to be notified about the next time we host an informational webinar, please fill out the form below!

Even though the HAT registration is not currently open, on this page, you can still learn a bit about the Homeopathy Action Team and what is involved when you become a member. Scroll down for more information!

Volunteer Roles:

Homeopathy Ambassador

Time Commitment: 15-30 mins / week

Use pre-written emails to communicate with legislators. No training required—just follow the steps, make phone calls if you can and inspire others to take action.

Congressional Lead

Time Commitment: 30 mins - 1hr/week
*Once training is completed, you can expect to volunteer an average of 1 hour a month (if you attend the optional monthly meeting, add one additional hour).

Build a relationship with your legislator’s office (all training provided). Optionally, attend in-person meetings at legislative offices in your area.

State Captain

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/week

Help build, organize, and train a volunteer team for your state (guiding volunteers through AFHC’s training materials). Recruit and train Congressional Leads. Stay in touch with Leads and Ambassadors.

States Needing a Captain

Currently, we need state captains for the following states. Even if your state is not listed here, if you are interested in helping your state’s captain, let us know. Often, state captains are very grateful to have additional help in their role!

How Does It Work?

Team members receive training and direction from the Americans for Homeopathy Choice leadership & PR specialist as those members pursue activities in their communities. During conference calls, training sessions and other interactions with the leadership we encourage HAT members to suggest activities that will promote understanding and integration of homeopathy in the U.S. health care system.

We are seeking homeopathy consumers and professionals so that both are represented when we connect with reporters, elected officials and the general public.

Why volunteer with AFHC?

Why volunteer with AFHC?

Even though registration for the HAT Team is currently closed, you can still volunteer for Americans for Homeopathy Choice! While the HAT team works to present homeopathy to our representatives, there are other volunteer opportunities. Click here to learn more.

What AFHC Volunteers do:

1. Congressional Outreach and Advocacy

Building relationships with members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and recruiting homeopathy supporters to contact their elected representatives. We are seeking homeopathy consumers and professionals so that both are represented when we connect with reporters, elected officials and the general public.

2. Media Relations

Developing relationships with local reporters and editors that lead to favorable coverage of homeopathy.

3. Public Education

Hosting events such as lectures and films that introduce people in your community to homeopathy.


Not sure if you have the time to dedicate to the team? It only takes an average of about 4 hours a month! We have a variety of roles available to suit your interests: