Homeopathy Action Team

Our Homeopathy Action Team (HAT) represents the core of our volunteer activities and is crucial to the success of our organization. HAT members interact with local reporters, fellow citizens, and elected officials in an effort to educate and advocate for positive policy regarding homeopathy.

HAT is comprised of 3 main teams:

1. Media Relations

Developing relationships with local reporters and editors that lead to favorable coverage of homeopathy.

2. Congressional Outreach and Advocacy

Building relationships with members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and recruiting homeopathy supporters to contact their elected representatives.

3. Public Education

Hosting events such as lectures and films that introduce people to homeopathy.

How does it work?

Team members receive training and direction from the Americans for Homeopathy Choice leadership & PR specialist as those members pursue activities in their communities. During conference calls, training sessions and other interactions with the leadership we encourage HAT members to suggest activities that will promote understanding and integration of homeopathy in the U.S. health care system.

We are seeking homeopathy consumers and professionals so that both are represented when we connect with reporters, elected officials and the general public.

50 States, 435 Congressional Districts

In order to achieve a legislative victory that protects homeopathy, we need support in Congress. That’s why our goal is to recruit team members in all 50 states and in each of the country’s 435 Congressional districts. Wherever you reside, you can help us inform U.S. House and Senate members about homeopathy.

Contacts you make with your U.S. House and Senate members are extremely important. Those contacts show that there is grassroots support for homeopathy and that an elected official’s position on homeopathy matters to a significant group of voters.

Sign Up and Help Us Win

Not sure if you have the time to dedicate to the team? It only takes an average of about 4 hours a month!

We have a variety of roles available to suit your interests:

Media Relations

You may choose media relations as the focus of your volunteer efforts. In this capacity you will bring the story of homeopathy to media outlets in your area. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Work with reporters to develop stories for local newspapers, magazines (especially alternative health publications) and online sites that cover your town or with which you develop a relationship.
  2. Write your own pieces and place them in the types of publications listed above.

In doing either or both of these, you will help shape the narrative that people in your community have about homeopathy. With a little luck your efforts will help incline more of your fellow citizens toward curiosity and an open attitude about the use and benefits of homeopathy.

Congressional Outreach and Advocacy

U.S. Senate or House Lead

Building relationships with our federal legislators is vital to our success. You will be the person to cultivate that relationship with aides of either one of your Senators or your U.S. Representative and encourage others in your district and beyond to respond to any AFHC action alerts.

Ideally, you’d be able to attend an in-person meeting at the in-state office of your Senator or U.S. Representative. (estimated time commitment of 2 to 4 hours per month)

State Captain

Are you enthusiastic and organized? Take charge for your state! You will help recruit and train Senate/House Leads to foster relationship development with members of Congress, and you will serve as the main AFHC point of contact for team members in your state. (estimated time commitment of 6 to 8 hours per month)

Public Education

Many of you may already be involved in public education efforts if you have ever participated in or hosted a presentation about homeopathy for friends, family, or members of your church or community. Talks, films, workshops and seminars are all types of public education designed to introduce homeopathy to new people or enhance the knowledge of those already using homeopathy. These might take place at a health food store, co-op, fitness center, church, school, movie theater or private home.

Those who focus on this area of activity will be involved in putting on these types of events in their communities.

You can sign up below for one or more of these roles or to request more information. All training is provided and we’ll work alongside you to help you each step of the way.

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