Show Washington We Mean Business!


You can join us in Washington or Help from Home

Writing your member of Congress will help us to succeed!

If you’d like to help but can’t take time to come to Washington or talk on the phone with an aide of
your member of Congress, we ask that you send an email or letter to your Congressional
representatives, both in the House and the Senate if you can. Even if you have sent previous
emails or letters, it is important that you reach out again by sending this one. Below, we have a
message already drafted for you, both a version that you can personalize and one that you can
simply cut-and-paste. You can participate in making Homeopathy on the Hill a success by sending
this message to your member of the House and your two Senators (if you have time) by clicking here.

Homeopathy on the Hill
April 8 through April 10, 2019
Washington, DC
*Early Bird Moonlight tour April 7th

Americans for Homeopathy Choice needs you! Join us April 8-10, (early bird moonlight tour on the 7th) to help accomplish these three things. Remember, you can assist from home if you can’t come to Washington:

Inform members of Congress about the importance of protecting the right of all Americans to choose homeopathy.

Engage in networking opportunities that connect homeopathy supporters across the country in order to build relationships that will advance the cause of homeopathy nationwide.

Raise public awareness of homeopathy.

As you already know, homeopathy is regulated by the federal government through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That’s why it is important for us to make our voices heard in the halls of Congress which oversees the FDA.
Homeopathy on the Hill puts you together with key staff members of the U.S. House and Senate to discuss the importance and benefits of homeopathy─either in person or by phone if you decide to help from home. Your presence in Washington or your call from home will demonstrate that homeopathy has broad and committed support across the United States.

A Homeopathy Film Premiere

You’ll also have an opportunity to be part of a red carpet event at the historic American Film Institute Silver Theatre as we premiere Magic Pills: Homeopathy, Promise or Placebo? for the Washington metro audience. We expect Washington decision-makers and prominent homeopathy proponents from around the country to join us for the film and reception. You’ll also get a chance to meet the filmmaker, homeopath Ananda More, who will lead a Q&A after the film.

World Homeopathy Day Conference & Concert

Transportation will be available to the World Homeopathy Day Conference and Concert in Philadelphia on April 10. You’ll be able to go to the conference and return the same day if you wish to Washington.

Tentative Itinerary (Stayed Tuned for Updates)

To see the current itinerary, click here.  Our schedule is evolving and we’ll be adding and rearranging activities as we go. If you’d like to stay updated on these developments, check back or better yet, sign up to participate by clicking the registration button below.

Tours in Washington DC
We also want you to have fun! We are organizing great tour(s) of the Washington DC area.

The first tour will be will be an early bird moonlight tour that takes place Sunday April 7th. This tour starts at the Samuel Hahnemann Statue at sunset—when the monument lights up in a magical way!

The second tour will be on Capitol Hill, Library of Congress & the Steps of the Supreme Court.

And don’t forget, this is DC’s famed cherry blossom season! It will be a unforgettable picturesque experience!