Homeopathy to the Rescue

I have been using homeopathy for a little more than two years.  So, I guess that makes me still a newbie. I have searched and used allopathic and naturopathic ways, but homeopathic just rang a bell.  It resonated with me.

Being new, there is a learning curve.  But by using it regularly, reading, studying, listening, and taking classes, the curve is not so steep.  Using this approach, I have witnessed homeopathy’s efficaciousness for me and my family. It has certainly rescued us over and over again from health challenges.  

To rescue is to save or be saved from distress or danger.  I want to share two stories of how homeopathy has come to our rescue.   

Water with a Smile

One day, while my granddaughter was visiting, she got into trouble and I had to call her mother.  After the drama queen performance of crying in a high octave scream and begging for me not to tell, she settled down to a morose that went pretty deep.  She did not want to eat or watch television and that is far from her norm. She was gloomy. I had recently read about a remedy for anticipatory anxiety and the light bulb came on.  I prepared the remedy, without her knowledge, in a water dose. As she explained that her mom was going to “kill her”, I had her take a sip of the water. I assured her that her mom would not “kill her” and had her take another sip of water.  After several sips and more conversation about her impending punishment, she asked me, “Is this happy water?” I asked her what did she mean? She responded, “Every time I drink it, it makes me happy”. I had chosen the correct remedy, the gloom lifted, and she then ate dinner and watched television.  

Now, that’s Homeopathy to the Rescue.  

Achoo, Achoo, Achoo

On a day trip with the family, I experienced the effectiveness of homeopathy at warp speed.  We were traveling back home, a 2-hour trip. My brother was driving, and his eyes begin to become droopy.  I thought that he was getting sleepy and volunteered to drive. He was adamant that he was not sleepy. A few minutes later, he began to sneeze, and his nose became runny.  He said that it was his allergies as he sneezed repeatedly and wiped his nose. He was struggling, and I was contemplating whether to offer my remedies to him since I had not shared my new-found homeopathic knowledge.  I usually travel with my remedies and had a combo for allergies. Well, I told him and showed him the combo remedy and shared how to administer them. At this point, we were on the parking lot of the restaurant where we usually stopped on our way back home.  He agreed to try them and popped the remedy under his tongue as he closed the door to the vehicle. We proceeded to go into the establishment and wait in line to pay for the buffet. Suddenly he approached me with a very serious look and informed me that the remedy was working.  He said that normally when he went from the heat of the parking lot to the air-conditioned restaurant, his sneezing would be out the frame, achoo, achoo, achoo. Homeopathy saved him from the allergies and saved me from having to drive.

Now, that’s Homeopathy to the Rescue.  

These are just two of the many stories of how homeopathy rescued me and my family.  And I know that you have many too. If you have stories to share, contact here to be included in future episodes of Homeopathy to the Rescue.  

If homeopathy has rescued you, now it is time for you to rescue homeopathy.  How can you rescue homeopathy? I am so glad you asked.

Join the Mother Bears and Other Bears in the rescue force by:

  • Joining the Bear Pack giving $25 or more monthly  here
  • Volunteering for Americans for Homeopathy Choice here
  • Reading and commenting on the Citizen’s petition here
  • Writing, calling, and emailing your Congresspersons here
  • Going to Americans for Homeopathy Choice’s website here and following the instructions to complete all these actions.  

Always with the power to choose,

Harriet Noel Jones

About Harriet Noel Jones:  Harriet is a speaker, writer, and published author.  Connect with her at her at https://alwaysafirstlady.com  where she transforms lives with Faith and Wisdom Principles for Wholistic Living.  At home in Tennessee, you can find her always with a healthy living concoction brewing.  

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