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Our Why: From inside the HAT

The Homeopathy Choice Insider

Hello!  We’re so glad you’re taking the time to join us for the 10th edition of the Homeopathy Choice Insider. We trust it’s been an eye-opening look at what we work so diligently to do, each week, at Americans for Homeopathy Choice.

If you’d like to read the summary of today’s report, scroll down to the end of this post!

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  • Page’s story: how homeopathy transformed her health, her husband’s health, and the health of her autistic son!
  • Why Page chose to become the State Captain for Alabama’s HAT team.
  • What’s YOUR “why”? Learn how to effectively share powerful, real life stories like Page’s and make a positive impact with your representatives by joining your state’s HAT team.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the HAT webinar on September 21st!

                              Our job is not to change the world;                               our job is to steward the gifts we’ve been given.

Summary of Today’s Episode:

On our Monday Insider, we’ve been talking about our grassroots advocacy team, the Homeopathy Action Team, or HAT for short, who work on building relationships with Congress at the Federal level. This week, I wanted to share an inspiring story from one of our HAT team members, Page. She tells us how the health of her beloved family was tanking. Page shared with us this picture and wrote:

“In this ‘before’ picture from February 2017, my husband Todd is fighting constant knee pain, relentless reflux, and frequent headaches. My son Robert is almost 5. He is already consumed by autism, and his regression is hurrying. He is nonverbal, hits and screams frequently, and lives in constant discomfort. He remains closed off, disengaged with minimal eye contact, and persistently chews and flicks objects. He is incapable of dressing, feeding, or caring for himself. He is terrified of everything, so he insists on being carried. His smile and laughter have faded away. He is always getting sick. I’m Page – holding that big sweetheart of a boy. I remember having a terrible migraine at this theme park luau. Prior to graduating law school in 2007, I developed severe migraines, insomnia, horrible reflux, and chronic fatigue. For the next decade – until this picture in 2017 – the ailments proliferated: chronic sinusitis, irritable bowel syndrome, rampant food allergies with vomiting, debilitating fibromyalgia, and more frequent migraines. Ten months after this photo, I migrained and vomited so severely I landed in an emergency room hooked up to morphine. Todd and I smile in this picture, but we are heartsick over our boy. We are overwhelmed, fearful, and desperate. We have nothing to say to each other anymore, and our hope for Robert and for the future is dwindling away. In April 2018, after much prayer and research, we transitioned to homeopathic medicines.”

Page then shows us this after picture from August 2021 at a football game. She wrote:

“We never thought Robert would enjoy sporting events. We have been using homeopathic medicines for 3 1/2 years. Todd is free of knee pain, reflux, and headaches. I have been migraine free for almost 2 years. There are no GI issues, no fibromyalgia, no fatigue, no insomnia, and my sinuses are clear. You may notice a weight loss. Our marriage is stronger and happier – and we have hope for Robert. Our increasingly happy home provides a buoy for his healing journey. Robert now dresses, feeds, and cares for himself. He loves to play outside. He follows commands, mimics behavior, and is quite engaged. He no longer yells and hits. His pain and headaches are gone. He sleeps well, has increased concentration, and is willing to try new foods and activities. He is still nonverbal. However, he is no longer silent. He has increased babble and more frequent verbal attempts. He hums and ‘sings along’ to music. His smiles light up our home, and his laughter echoes throughout. We do have a way to go in his continued development. Yet, we have hope. We have seen transformation on the individual and familial levels with homeopathic medicines. Hope and healing, indeed.”

Page goes on to say, “It is because of these miraculous transformations that I joined HAT (Homeopathy Action Team) as state captain for Alabama. Our access to these precious, all natural, and effective medicines is imperative for Robert’s continued improvements, as well as for the maintenance of Todd’s and my restored health. We are so grateful to those who work tirelessly to protect access to homeopathic medicines in the United States. Truly, a worthy cause.”

When we say that we connect with our staffers and congressional reps by building relationships, these are the kinds of stories they hear. We train our HAT team to share their personal stories, and we help them think through how to word their experiences so that they are appropriate for the political setting. But I’m sure you can imagine that these stories are powerful in Congress. 

I believe that we are here to have joy. Life can be wonderful and in many ways it is, but for many of us that’s only true because of homeopathy. What if homeopathy never entered your life? What would that look like? We want to maintain our access and we need your help. 

We are talking so much about the HAT team because it is our most precious asset and the greatest chance we have at winning our fight to protect homeopathy in the USA. OK! That’s it for this week. Join us next week as we talk about how we build strong relationships with our congressional offices.

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