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United We Stand & No Schmoozing!

The Homeopathy Choice Insider

Hello!  We’re so glad you’re taking the time to join us for the 11th edition of the Homeopathy Choice Insider. We trust it’s been an eye-opening look at what we work so diligently to do, each week, at Americans for Homeopathy Choice.

If you’d like to read the summary of today’s report, scroll down to the end of this post!

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  • Many people hesitate to join our HAT team because they don’t know how or don’t want to “schmooze” Congress, but that’s NOT what we do!
  • We train our HAT team members to have “healing moments” with their staffers and representatives by being authentic, professional, and speaking from the heart.
  • When you want to change policy, there’s NO room for politics.
  • Bipartisan unity is what we strive for, and we’ve had unprecedented success!
  • We need YOU to step up and help us fill our congressional map so that every district has a dedicated HAT member.
  • United we stand, divided we fall. The homeopathy community is small, but we have enough to make the impact we need – join the HAT team now by clicking the link below!
  • Stay tuned every Monday as we bring to you the Homeopathy Choice Insider.


Our job is not to change the world;

our job is to steward the gifts we’ve been given.

Summary of Today’s Episode:

On our Monday Insider, we’ve been talking about our grassroots advocacy team, the Homeopathy Action Team, or HAT for short, who work on building relationships with Congress at the Federal level. This week, I wanted to share how we DON’T schmooze Congress. Let me explain. 


Many people who consider joining the HAT team say to me, “Paola, I’d like to help, but I’m not good at schmoozing people.” They seem to think that to advocate, they need to be some sort of smooth-talking salesman who can talk someone into selling their kidney. Well, that’s not true, not at all! At Homeopathy Choice, we seek to do things honestly and with authenticity. We strive to connect. One of the things we train our HAT team to do is when they meet with their staffer, they are having a “healing moment” with them. Look, I have spent my share of hours in Washington DC. Sometimes, I’ll arrive at an appointment with an office early and sit quietly in the lobby, resting my feet. It’s so sad and amazing to see the level of abuse these staffers have to endure each and every day. People call angry, yelling, and upset. They field difficult questions and handle many other people’s emotions, and it’s taxing and exhausting work. But we want their experience with a member of our HAT team to be very different. We want them to feel the joy, peace, and love we have for homeopathy. And we achieve that by speaking from the heart, knowing what topics or pitfalls to avoid, being professional, and being ourselves. This is the REAL approach we have taken on. 


Another hesitation people tend to have is the idea of political parties. Some people have told me that their representative is a stinker and that they could never expect their office to support the homeopathy cause. First, remember, when you want to change policy, there is no room for politics. I’ll say it again. When we want to change policy, there is no room for politics. What does that mean? Let me put it this way: our late attorney, Jim Turner, said many times that the only people who benefit from divided parties are the parties themselves, not the people they serve. So, if you don’t like your representative, the right thing to do is vote for someone better. But in the meantime, we are stuck with what we’ve got, and we need to help our homeopathy issue become THEIR issue. We need to help them understand that our concerns are their concerns. And we can only ever hope to achieve that by building a relationship with our offices. 


Did you know that based on the members of our email list, we could fill every single congressional district with a HAT member many times over? We literally have a homeopathy-lover in every district in the United States, and they are getting these Insider emails. But we need you to step up. We need you to help us fill up our congressional map so that every district has a dedicated HAT member who will fulfill their tasks each month. 


The old saying is true: united we stand, divided we fall. The homeopathy community is small, but we have enough. We really do. We have enough to make the impact we need. And the   bi-partisan unity we are achieving in Capitol Hill during these difficult times is unprecedented. We expect to keep building on that, and we can only do that with your help. 


We are talking so much about the HAT team because it is our most precious asset and the greatest chance we have at winning our fight to protect homeopathy in the USA. OK! That’s it for this week. Join us next week as we talk about how much time it takes for you to be a HAT member. 

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