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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Grassroots Advocacy is the American Way

The Homeopathy Choice Insider

Hello! Welcome to this week’s installment of the Homeopathy Choice Insider. Every Monday, (Tuesday this week because of Labor Day)  you’ll be getting an update from us where we will pull back the curtain and provide you with a quick 3-5 minute insider’s view of what we work so diligently to do, each week, at Americans for Homeopathy Choice.

If you’d like to read the summary of today’s report, scroll down to the end of this post!

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  • What happens when you join the Homeopathy Action Team (HAT).
  • Connecting with your State Captain.
  • Training at your own pace with help from your State Captain.
  • Preparing for Homeopathy on the Hill (HOH for short).
  • The history of Homeopathy on the Hill.
  • The future of HOH.
  • Why it’s so important and why you are perfect for the job!

                               Our job is not to change the world;                                  our job is to steward the gifts we’ve been given.

Summary of Today’s Episode:

On our Monday Insider, we’ve been talking about our grassroots advocacy team, the Homeopathy Action Team, or HAT for short, who work on building relationships with Congress at the Federal level. These past couple of weeks, we’ve been sharing with you some insider stories about members of our HAT team. You’ve heard Tiffany’s empowering story about bringing four congressional offices to do a site visit at a local homeopathy business. We also heard about Jennifer, who braved the storm and met one-on-one with her Congresswoman. Today we will talk about what happened when our HAT members first joined the HAT team. Right away, they were connected to their State Captain and got some excellent training they could do on their own time and at their own pace. The first goal that HAT members are working towards is what we call Homeopathy on the Hill, or HOH for short. The very first HOH was done in person in Washington DC. It was a great event, but after the pandemic, we decided that it made more sense to make HOH a virtual event so that we would get more participation. And we did! So HOH is where CLs and SCs meet for the first time with their congressional staffer. It’s like the first date. They introduce themselves, introduce the issue, and share our concerns over the FDA’s actions on homeopathic medicines with their staffer. It’s a crucial meeting, and it takes some preparation. Still, amazingly, our training is so structured and so open-and-go that we get a ton of fantastic feedback from our HAT alums saying that they felt SO Prepared for their first meeting. Once you have that first meeting, or what we joke is the ‘first date’ out of the way, the HAT members then focus on doing quick monthly check-ins with their staffers to maintain and build that relationship. 


We’ve all heard about the movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington. It’s where Jefferson Smith, portrayed by James Stewart, goes to DC and exposes the corrupt nature of Washington Politics. At the time, the real-life legislators were so upset by the movie that they called for it to be banned. But it wasn’t banned, and since then, the idea of an ordinary person heading to Washington DC has become part of the American narrative. Remember who holds power in our government, we the people. And we can keep it that way if we keep finding our voice and power. This grassroots work we are doing at AFHC is the American way, and we can help do something good together.


That’s it for this week. Join us next week as we talk about all the success we achieved at the previous Homeopathy on the Hill just this past Spring.

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