For Reporters and Editors

Thank you for your interest in homeopathy and Americans for Homeopathy Choice. This page contains materials which cover the following:

  • 1. An overview of Americans for Homeopathy Choice with contact information.
  • 2. Background materials on homeopathy.
  • 3. A briefing on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s draft guidance which would change the way it regulates homeopathic medicines. The briefing includes a link to that guidance.
  • 4. A briefing on the formal petition offering an alternative to the FDA’s proposal submitted by Americans for Homeopathy Choice to the FDA under the Administrative Procedure Act. The briefing includes a link to that petition. 
  • 5. A book recommendation.

6. Downloadable Infographics


Background Materials


Book Recommendation 

Healing with Homeopathy  

Infographics – Click to Download