Miracle in the Making

Christmas has passed but the season has been memorable.  Food and family, gifts and good cheer to remember. And maybe a good ole classic movie to boot.  One of my favorite old films is the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street.  Perhaps you watched it or one of its remakes.  In this delightful motion picture, Kris Kringle, the Macy’s store Santa sets out to convince a little girl, Susan Walker, to believe in Santa.  In the process, Kris is committed to a mental facility for being delusional about his identity. Defense attorney, Fred Gailey, was tasked to prove that Kris was Santa and used the testimony of R.H. Macy and the District of Attorney’s own son as proof. But it was only when the United States Postal Service, a government and competent authority, presented 21 bags of Santa mail to Kris in the court room, that his identity was authenticated as the one and only Santa and the judge dismissed the case.     


While defending homeopathy, I cannot help but see the similarities with this movie. It may look like an uphill journey, but I expect a miracle.  Now let’s build a case while exploring a few truths.


In the current mainstream climate, homeopathy is being questioned if it is real and is being purported as a placebo.  It is under a risk of the FDA changing the governing documents which may put access at risk. But the present dispute with the FDA is not about if homeopathic medicine is real but how to regulate these real medicines.  


I call myself to the witness stand because I have witnessed homeopathy’s effectiveness with me, my children, grandchildren and my 86-year-old mother.  I unequivocally state, no placebo here. But I’ll keep building an even better case by siting other witnesses.


  • Homeopathy is a federally recognized form of medicine backed up.  It’s backed up by thousands of research studies, papers and clinical trials.
  • The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act classifies homeopathic medicines as drugs.
  • Homeopathic medicines are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration by the Compliance Policy Guide 400.400.  
  • By law, homeopathic medicines are evaluated and approved by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States.


Now I have defensively stated what has already been established and therefore let the evidence speak for itself.  I have witnessed, the studies have witnessed, and finally the competent government authority, FDA has witnessed. Homeopathic medicines are real, authentic, reliable and effective.  Now you be the judge and dismiss this case.


Americans for Homeopathy Choice has a goal of 10,000 signatures to support the Citizen’s Petition.  Join with me and make this miracle happen by:


  • Joining the Bear Pack giving $25 or more monthly  here
  • Volunteering for Americans for Homeopathy Choice here
  • Reading and commenting on the Citizen’s petition here
  • Writing, calling, and emailing your Congresspersons here
  • Going to Americans for Homeopathy Choice’s website here and following the instructions to complete all these actions.  
  • And if you cannot complete a unique comment and want to add your voice to the petition quickly and easily, click http://signthehomeopathypetition.com/

Always with the power to choose,

Harriet Noel Jones

About Harriet Noel Jones:  Harriet is a speaker, writer, and published author.  Connect with her at her at https://alwaysafirstlady.com  where she transforms lives with Faith and Wisdom Principles for Wholistic Living.  At home in Tennessee, you can find her always with a healthy living concoction brewing.  

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