News is recent or notable information received about significant events.  But news (N.E.W.S.) is also an acronym: North, East, West, South…all directions.  Homeopathy on the Hill brought people from all directions in the United States and other countries with a common mission to save homeopathy.    

This is my story.  

The words “early” and “I never met” are recurrent themes for this trip that began early Friday morning traveling from Eads, in west TN to Knoxville, in east TN with my daughter.  Early Sunday morning my travel companion, Diana, who I had never met, from Chattanooga picked me up in Knoxville. After my protective daughter, took a picture of the vehicle’s license plate (lol) we prayed the prayer of protection and cruised north with our road leading to DC.  With a few stops and stretching breaks, Diana ubered her 12-passenger van skillfully. We talked about our faith, we talked about our homeopathy journey, and we talked about our goal to ensure homeopathy is safe for generations.

We arrived in DC early for dinner but after 30 minutes searching for a parking space, we only had a few minutes to relax and walk to the restaurant.  

The evening included dinner at Commissary and the sunset toast at the Hahnemann memorial with people that I had never met before.  This included Cathi, from Florida, who I had never met who shared lodging with us. There was a DC walking tour, but I spent the evening helping Allison and Kaylee who I had met and Kaylee’s new baby, Gwen, who I had never met.  Diana, Cathi and I finally made it to our home away from home before midnight with our most gracious host, Fran, who I had never met.

Monday morning started out very early for them to navigate the commute from Virginia into DC for the Capitol Hill tour.  My gracious host drove me in later to stay with Allison, Kaylee, and Gwen. I helped stuff gift bags and held Gwen until time for the commute to the evening event.  

Energetic was the atmosphere as people that I had never met from the North, East, West, and South arrived for training and a good meal at Busboys and Poets.  And I closed the meeting with a good word, the benediction.

Very early Tuesday morning began the day for appointments…appointments with Representatives, appointments with Senators, and appointments with their assistants.  We assembled for the Congressional Briefing lunch to educate on homeopathy, solicit support and sponsorship of Draft Legislation. And as my final night ended, I got dressed up in my finery and attended a red-carpet movie screening of the homeopathy documentary, Magic Pills: Promise or Placebo.  It was held at the American Film Institute: Silver Theatre and together with people that I had never met, we got to shake hands with the filmmaker, Ananda More. 

I give a huge shout out and thank you to Gay and the gang at their Airbnb for letting me hang out and change for the screening.  I had a laughing good time. My trip ended with a ride to the airport, a flight to Memphis, and a 30-minute drive to a place called home.  

There was an energy that permeated every meeting, every training, every meal, and every gathering that set the stage and the tone for this special event.  It is not a coincidence that the cherry blossoms were blooming. The trees were gifted by Japan to Washington as an active living symbol of friendship. They also indicate the start of springtime, a new beginning of new life.  For me, this was the start of new relationships, new friendships with people who share like-minds.

From the North, East, West, and South, we met, we laughed, and we prayed.  We encouraged each other, we shared our stories, our snacks, our tips to navigate the city and our Congressional halls.  The Facebook page was alive and active with tips to give heads up and help for information, rides, and assistance.

We brought liveliness from the North, East, West, and South, excitement from all corners of the United States.  From the North, East, West, and South we brought babies, strollers, books, ideas, awareness, and a desire and a plan to save homeopathy.  And Capitol Hill will never be the same.

Always with the power to choose,

Harriet Noel Jones

About Harriet Noel Jones:  Harriet is a speaker, writer, and published author.  Connect with her at https://alwaysafirstlady.com  where she transforms lives with Faith and Wisdom Principles for Wholistic Living.  At home in Tennessee, you can find her always with a healthy living concoction brewing.

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