Homeopathy to the Rescue: Kits and Kisses

To rescue is to save or be saved from distress or danger.  I want to share two stories of how homeopathy has come to the rescue.    Traveling Keds and Traveling Kits I host a blog, Always a First Lady.  Last year I wrote Traveling Shoes  about my many trips, always wearing my comfortable Keds. […]

Miracle in the Making

Christmas has passed but the season has been memorable.  Food and family, gifts and good cheer to remember. And maybe a good ole classic movie to boot.  One of my favorite old films is the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street.  Perhaps you watched it or one of its remakes.  In this delightful motion picture, Kris […]

A Choice and a Chance

In my continuing efforts to support Americans for Homeopathy Choice and its fight to save homeopathy, I hosted a Magic Pills screening in my home.  Filmmaker and homeopath Ananda More travels the world exploring whether homeopathy is fact or fiction. My screening had the capacity for twenty-four viewers and twenty-four was the total registered count. […]

Survival of the Fittest

Many years ago, my husband and I were planning a long-awaited trip to the Galapagos Islands. Knowing that we would be on a relatively small boat (no cruise ship I assure you) in the Pacific Ocean, I prepared in all the usual ways, but one was the most important to me.  Interestingly, as the cruel […]

You Can Do It

The Little Engine That Could is a familiar children’s story.   Happily chugging along, a train filled with toys for the children on the other side of the mountain, suddenly stops.  The toys on board ask several engines to help and pull them over the mountain to no avail. Then comes along the Little Blue […]

Homeopathy to the Rescue

I have been using homeopathy for a little more than two years.  So, I guess that makes me still a newbie. I have searched and used allopathic and naturopathic ways, but homeopathic just rang a bell.  It resonated with me. Being new, there is a learning curve.  But by using it regularly, reading, studying, listening, […]

Not on My Watch

I am not sure who coined the phrase Not on my watch or where it originated.  But on ships, the days and nights are divided into watches, into shifts.  Each watch covers a set of hours in which the watch keeper is in charge, keeping watch over the entire ship.  It is the watch keeping […]

David vs Goliath Part 2

“Over time, my efforts helped incite others to action. You kick a few pebbles, you turn a few stones, and eventually you have an avalanche.” —Candy Lightner The reasons we fight for our freedom to choose homeopathy and why we are fighting the FDA’s attempt to take it from us is different for every person. […]

David vs Goliath Part 1

It can seem lonely fighting an industry.  The fight against the FDA can indeed be overwhelming.  As a mother, I just want to use my homeopathy in peace.  When my Budget has been zero and their Budget is in the billions…. with a “B” you can start to feel defeated before you’ve even began. It’s […]

A True Story of Homeopathy and Drug Withdrawal

I have been familiar with homeopathy for years.  For a long time, my usage was limited to a few first aid type remedies: arnica, hypericum, carbo veg, and, well, that’s about it.  I saw a couple of classical homeopaths in years past with some success. And I bought a 100-remedy kit and a 200C just […]