Protecting Homeopathy

Here is what we are doing to protect homeopathic remedies from an overzealous FDA that could remove entire categories of homeopathic products:

1. Along with many others from across the country, Americans for Homeopathy Choice has submitted several documents to the FDA opposing the proposed guidelines and emphasizing that the existing guidelines have worked well for the past 30 years. 
Click here to read the MEMO we wrote the FDA.
-Click here to read our official comments to the FDA.
-Click here  
to read our Citizens Petition submitted the FDA. 

2. We’ve encouraged anyone concerned about access to homeopathy to contact their members of Congress, both in the House and the Senate, to ask members to oppose the proposed guidelines. Click here for more information on how to do that and what to say.

3. We’ve arranged face-to-face meetings between FDA officials, our legal counsel, our staff, homeopathic physicians and concerned patients. In these meetings FDA officials have said that the vast majority of homeopathic remedies would remain available. But nothing in the proposed guidelines would stop the FDA from removing large numbers of homeopathic products, and there was no indication that the proposed guidelines will be changed to prevent this from happening.

4. We’ve produced videos and placed them online to inform people about the threat and what they can do about it. To see our videos, click here.

5. We are coordinating the activities of volunteers all over the country who are spreading the word about the threat to our right to choose homeopathy. To become a volunteer, click here.

There is much more to do. We hope you will join the fight and help prevent an unwarranted removal on any homeopathic remedies.