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The AFHC Buyer’s Guide is a document used to connect brands in the homeopathy community with homeopathy consumers. This Guide goes out to our over 30,000 members in the middle of January, April, July and October each quarter. In just a few short years, Americans for Homeopathy Choice has become a place for the homeopathy community to gather around what is most important: Protecting our access to the health solutions that mean the most to us. Out of this, many have made lifelong connections with Homeopaths, consultants, homeopathy brands, and many other businesses or nonprofits. The Buyer’s Guide is an effort to organize those connections and use them as a way for businesses & brands in the community to promote their products that our consumers know and trust as well as support AFHC’s efforts.

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 Once or twice a year, we host a Pledge Drive to raise funds to support our cause! This year for the first time, we’re allowing all Buyer’s Guide sponsors to also be featured sponsors during the Pledge Drive! Here are the additional benefits you’ll receive for no extra cost:

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