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Americans for Homeopathy Choice works tirelessly to provide a legal defense for homeopathy. Our Bear Pack members are our biggest supporters. We reward our Bear Pack members by partnering with homeopathy-focused organizations to provide exclusive discounts and offers.


Miranda Castro

Miranda's online shop started 10 years ago with just two products: Healing Cream for Joints and Muscles and my Healing Cream for Scars. These creams were developed 30 years ago back in the UK, in collaboration with Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy. Now manufactured in the US, they have both been a great hit. Over the years, the shop has grown to include many other gentle healing products.

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3 FREE Lessons from

Get 3 FREE lessons from my homeopathy curriculum for kids In these crazy times, want to make the most of being stuck indoors with your family? Check out these samples of our new Homeopathy Curriculum.

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Homeopathy Help Now

Homeopathy support when you need it. Contact us today to be connected with a Homeopath. We can help you with short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic) symptoms.

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Academy Of Homeopathy Education

The Academy of Homeopathy Education is the first and only homeopathy school in the US to offer a full-time pathway to certification. With rigorous academics and unparalleled clinical training delivered live and via the soulful use of cutting-edge technology, AHE prepares its students to become fully-rounded homeopathic practitioners from any city in the world.

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Yoni Bliss

On the market for 10 years, Yoni Bliss answers a question many women may be shy to ask. How do I keep my vulva healthy, moist, and alive? Clean, simple ingredients. pH balanced. 2 homeopathic remedies. For you

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Bright Integrative Solutions LLC

Expert Dietary management can quickly reduce inflammation that may be causing your suffering. When all else has failed, call Diana!

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Unlimited Potentials

We are all here to achieve our unlimited potential. But pain, injury, fatigue and a host of other ailments derail our journey and make life hard. As a physical therapist, Sue Cotta is here to help.

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North American Society of Homeopaths

The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) is dedicated to promoting, representing, and serving as the voice of all PROFESSIONAL homeopaths in North America.

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Honeycombs Industries

HoneyCombs supplement line is designed to deliver results. We don’t cater to taste or look, only to helping you with your health. Every product in our line is formulated with quality ingredients, with each having a purpose.

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Pacific Northwest Homeopathy Association

We are homeopaths of the Pacific NorthWest: Washington, Oregon and Idaho. We have come together as a professional association to promote excellence in homeopathic homeopathic practice and care.

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Resilience Naturopathic

Resilience Naturopathic was originally founded with a mission to not only to provide an alternative to those who struggle with mental health conditions, but to improve the way mental and behavioral healthcare is delivered in America.

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O’Brian Pharmacy

Mass-produced medications are for the masses, not the individual, and create a large therapeutic void. When your commercial medications are inappropriate, yield unsatisfactory results, or are no longer available, O’Brien Pharmacy can help.

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Ellen Rixford Studios

Ellen Rixford Studios is a full service studio, specializing in sculpture, art dolls, mechanical puppets, displays, miniature sets and much, much more.

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Healthy Homeopathy

Over more than 35 years, they've seen thousands of patients, and they've been able to help them heal deeply and transform their lives.

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Homeopathic Healing LLC

Marie's goal and greatest desire is to share her knowledge with others to help them restore their health in the most gentle, natural, powerful and permanent way.

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Dana Ullman

Dana treats people all over the world and conducts interviews over Skype, telephone, and internet, as well as sees people in our Berkeley office

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Elemental Homeopathy

 I offer a free information consultation to help you understand more about homeopathy, my approach, and how it may apply to your situation. All consultations are confidential.

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Remedy Jane

Jane's journey as a Family Physician led her to discover that there are many natural ways on this earth given to us by our creator to help the body overcome many physical and mental ailments without drugs. She has been using natural options since 2008 integrated into her osteopathic family practice.

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Journey to Health

Douglas Brown deeply committed to the principles of classical homeopathy, not as a matter of dogma, but as a matter of efficacy. The methods of classical homeopathy provide the deepest healing possible.

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Vital Animal

1 week for $1 then $49.79 / month. Contact Vital Animal to use this coupon code.

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Washington Homeopathics

Get a discount AND donate to Americans for Homeopathy Choice. This discount code gives you 5% off all Washington Homeopathic products, sitewide, and Washington Homeopathics will donate 15% of your order to AFHC!

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