We Need Your Help

Do you personally know someone in the U.S. Congress or Senate? Do you know someone who knows a Representative or Senator? Do you already have a working relationship with someone involved in the Legislative Branch of the Federal government?

If so, we need your help to build a relationship between Americans for Homeopathy Choice (through you) and them! Please send us your contact information.



Here are some ways you can help right now:

1. Share on Social Media

Spread the word about the threat to homeopathy via social media. Tell all your online friends to visit this site and our social media pages to learn more.

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2. Contact Congress

Contact your members of Congress, both in the House and the Senate. Let them know you use homeopathy to keep your family healthy and you support what Americans for Homeopath Choice is doing.

Members of Congress are keenly sensitive to what their constituents tell them in letters, emails, phone calls and in-person contact.

You’ll receive training and support as you learn the most effective ways to develop a relationship with your legislator. Relationships matter!

Click here to sign up for the Homeopathy Action Team.

3. Volunteer

Volunteer to help Americans for Homeopathy Choice reach others in your community, both those in your town or city, and friends around the country. We encourage users of homeopathy and professionals who prescribe it to join. It is important to understand that the FDA is especially interested in what homeopathic consumers have to say. We need volunteers in two main areas:

  • Click here to join the Homeopathy Action Team if you want to be involved in
    • Media Relations, or
    • Congressional Outreach and Advocacy, or
    • Public Education
  • Click here if you have a skill and a small amount of time to help.