Does our movement strike a chord with you?  Wish you could get involved, and make a difference?  We’re looking for everyday world changers, just like you to help us spread the word.

Here’s what you can do:

If you’re a concerned citizen:

  • Please visit our homepage and complete the action plan steps

Share on social media.

We need help amplifying our message.

Volunteer with our organization.

We need help making phone calls and sending emails!  Please reach out to be on our grassroots outreach team!

If you’re an organization (i.e. homeopath, school, pharmacy), we’d love to connect with you:

Americans for Homeopathy Choice 
feels that there is a witch-hunt into limiting options other than conventional treatment or medicine.  We want the FDA’s regulations and actions regarding homeopathy questioned and addressed, and we are ready to work with Congressmen/Senators to help define homeopathy as it was originally intended under the FDCA–a medicine that is separate from conventional drugs.  Are you interested in joining our fight?  

Our goal is to empower the 6 million homeopathy users in the United States to:
(1) write to
 their own local congresspersons and senators

(2) help Americans, especially mama bears who love homeopathy find their power and their voice

(3) question and address the FDA’s actions on homeopathy.

Please visit our homepage to review our form letters to each of these entities.

Additionally, visit our link, ‘For Gov’t Officials’, to read the guiding document we are providing interested Congressmen and Senators.  We are open to any and all feedback so that we can get this right.  We want to unite the homeopathic community as whole–into one collective voice.  If you are willing to join us, then help us grow this movement.  Send our website and this call to action out on your public forum, to your email subscribers, and contact us if you would like further discussion.