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Why Homeopathy Matters in America:

Compendium of Homeopathic Research

Compiled by:


Ron Whitmont, MD

Tina Quirk, RN, MS, CCH

Peter Gold, BS

Paola Brown, Pres. of Americans for Homeopathy Choice


When properly manufactured and applied, homeopathic medicine plays an important role in the treatment of patients with both major and minor health problems. Homeopathy is inexpensive, effective, and inherently safe.

When utilized according to well established principles, homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medical practices, to deliver a more clinically and cost-effective result. For example, homeopathy helps avoid antibiotic overuse in many infectious conditions, reserving these valuable medicines for the times when they are critically necessary. Homeopathy effectively treats painful conditions and reduces the need for opioid and nonsteroidal pain medicines, reducing exposure to these agents, along with their costly and dangerous side effects.

Among its many other benefits, homeopathy helps reduce the need for polypharmacy since one single homeopathic prescription frequently addresses a multitude of medical concerns in a single individual. The positive results that have been achieved through homeopathic treatment have been documented in a worldwide database over the last two centuries. It is no wonder that homeopathy has been fully integrated into the National Health Services of many nations and is the second most commonly used form of medicine worldwide.

Homeopathy is a well-developed system of individualized medicine that has been both scientifically evidence based and clinically verified. This compendium of research serves as a primer of evidence suggesting the importance of fully integrating homeopathic medicine into the infrastructure of the U.S. Healthcare System. Homeopathy meets the standards of methodologies that have been scientifically researched and have clinically demonstrated evidence of both safety and effectiveness.

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Why Homeopathy Matters to U.S. Health Care by Dr. Peter Fisher
Homeopathy Can Reduce the Need for Antibiotics in America by Kathleen Scheible, CCH
Homeopathy for Opioid Addiction and Pain Management by Burke Lennihan, RN, CCN
Homeopathy’s Role in Addressing Healthcare Costs by Noel Peterson CCH, RSHom (NA), MBA
The Use of Homeopathy in European Hospitals by Americans for Homeopathy Choice
Homeopathy’s Role in Addressing the Over-Medication Epidemic by Jennifer Jacobs, MD, MPH
Homeopathy and Ophthalmology by Edward Kondrot, MD, DHt
Homeopathy and Women’s Health by Joyce Frye, DO, MBA, MSCE
Homeopathy and Respiratory Illness by Samantha Conboy, CCH, M.A.
Why Veterinary Homeopathy Matters in Animal Health Care in the USA by Todd Cooney, DVM
Homeopathy in Acute Care Medicine by Alex Bekker, MD, ABIHM
Homeopathy and Gastrointestinal Disorders by Ron Whitmont, MD
Epidemic Infectious Diseases, Public Health and Homeopathy by Andre Saine, ND
The Safety of Homeopathy by Ron Dushkin, MD & Ron Whitmont, MD
Homeopathy in Mental Health and Psychiatry by Bernardo Merizalde, MD, DHt, ABIHM
Homeopathy Use in Cardiovascular Conditions by Tina Quirk, RN, MS, CCH, RSHom (NA)
Homeopathy and Allergies by Kathleen Scheible, CCH
Homeopathic Certification for Health Care Practitioners in the USA by Americans for Homeopathy Choice
Homeopathy and Dentistry by Richard Fischer, DDS
Homeopathy, Chronic Illness, and Rheumatology


Americans for Homeopathy Choice is deeply indebted to the many writers/researchers who participated in and continue to participate in this important project. Many thanks for your collaboration and work.

Peter Fisher


This compendium is dedicated to the memory of Peter Fisher, MD (1950-2018), a staunch advocate, researcher and homeopath, former physician to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The world homeopathic community is deeply indebted to the selfless dedication and life work of this noble man.