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What We're Doing

To Make a Difference

FDA Seeks Power to Remove Homeopathic Medicines

Here is what we are doing to protect homeopathic medicines from a misguided FDA that could remove entire categories of homeopathic products:

1 ) In April 2019, over 150 members of Americans for Homeopathy Choice made the sacrifice to come to Washington, DC “on their own dime” to meet with their Representatives and Senators in person. We visited over 180 offices! That’s one-third of all legislators! We also sponsored a luncheon briefing for staffers that was standing room only!

2 ) Paola Brown, our president, and other members of our team have met face-to-face with top officials at the FDA numerous times. In addition, a team of homeopathic doctors had a very fruitful meeting with FDA officials in January 2020

3 ) Americans for Homeopathy Choice has submitted key documents to the FDA docket opposing the proposed guidelines.

4 ) We’ve produced videos and placed them online to inform people about the threat and what they can do about it. To see our videos, click here.

5 )  We are coordinating the activities of volunteers all over the country who are cultivating relationships with their legislators and educating them about the threat to our right to choose homeopathy.

To become involved with our Homeopathy Action Team, click here.

There is much more to do. We hope you will join the fight and help prevent an unwarranted removal on any homeopathic remedies.