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Homeopathy is an essential form of medicine for millions of Americans. Yet, we are at a critical time in history for homeopathy. If we do not defend our rights to choose homeopathy, we may lose them. Americans for Homeopathy Choice works tirelessly to provide a legal defense for homeopathy. Our Bear Pack members are our biggest supporters.

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Dr. Eli Camp – October Bear Pack Exclusive

Dr. Camp will be talking about how she uses homeopathy with other basic nature cure therapies. She'll teach us the difference between managing symptoms and stimulating the body to heal.…

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Kelly Moeggenborg was our Bear Pack speaker for July This time it was opened up for everyone to watch but is now only available to Bear Pack members. Paola and…

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Ben Ta’ati, CCH, RSHom – February Bear Pack Exclusive

Phoenix area homeopath, Ben Ta'ati, teaches us about the history of homeopathy in past pandemics and answers questions about women's health issues.

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