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Homeopathy can save lives. At a time when there are many health concerns that deeply affect our country, such as the opioid crisis, the FDA has chosen to focus on restricting the availability of homeopathic remedies, remedies which provide a low-cost, inherently safe approach to address many common ailments, both serious and mild. The agency is doing this despite a record of safety that spans 200 years without a single documented injury or death attributable to homeopathy.  

As an informed (mom, grandma, dad…) and consumer of homeopathic medicine, I am deeply concerned about the move by the FDA to withdraw the Compliance Policy Guidance (CPG) 400.400 which has effectively regulated the safety and purity of homeopathic remedies since 1988. That guidance has allowed homeopathic medicine to flourish in an atmosphere of trust and quality assurance. My feeling about the FDA’s proposed changes is summarized by the familiar adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Nevertheless, the FDA has now created a Draft Guidance intended to replace the CPG 400.400. Rather than improving on an already good situation, this conceptually flawed and poorly worded Draft Guidance will undermine trust and quality assurance, sow confusion and uncertainty, and erode the freedom to choose inherently safe homeopathic remedies.

As a user of homeopathic remedies, it is vital to me that my freedom to choose homeopathy not be obstructed by the imprudent actions of the FDA.

In an effort to secure sound regulation of homeopathic remedies, Americans for Homeopathy Choice has filed a Citizen Petition in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. That petition is currently held in the docket of the FDA, docket #FDA-2018-P-2962-0001. I have read the petition and fully support all of the actions requested by Americans for Homeopathy Choice. These actions include:

  1. Formation of an FDA advisory committee on homeopathy.
  2. Withdrawal of the Draft Guidance on Homeopathy dated December 2017.
  3. Conversion of Compliance Policy Guidance 400.400 (with minor changes) into a regulation.

I am also encouraging you to join the Congressional Integrative Health and Wellness Caucus. The caucus was formed to “provide a platform for legislators to participate together and focus on the important opportunity that integrative health and wellness approaches offers across federally funded health programs, and find ways to make these solutions more available to the American people.” Why is this important? For the simple reason that integrative approaches can offer improved outcomes with lower costs.

For example, homeopathic remedies are showing themselves both effective and economical in addressing pain management, drug addiction, allergies, overuse of antibiotics, and mental health conditions. From this caucus you can get important information about nontoxic, inexpensive approaches like homeopathy to many of our current health care challenges.

Chaired this year by Reps. Mike Coffman, R-CO and Jared Polis, D-CO, the caucus held its inaugural meeting March 15, 2018.  You can read about that session at the following web address:

I urge you to join the caucus and attend the next meeting or send a staff member if you are unavailable.

With all the challenges we face in health care, now is not the time to restrict the options available to Americans to improve their health outcomes. Now is the time to protect and expand those options in order to provide maximum flexibility and choice to practitioners and consumers alike as they seek better health for themselves, their patients and their families.

Thank you for your consideration of this very important matter.



Regardless of the individual political parties of these politicians, we call on our Representatives to protect homeopathy under the HPUS, as it was originally intended and understood, without rescinding the Compliance and Policy Guide 400.400 (CPG). Rescinding the CPG 400.400 is unacceptable, reckless and will be harmful to the American people who use homeopathy.

We make no statement politically, for or against these politicians. Instead, we appeal to citizens to exercise their right to contact their voted politician and express their concerns.

We encourage you to reach out to your district Representatives, urging them to take action.