Contact Your Representatives

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Contact them via phone call, and email, to let them know that we need their help. (Mail is currently delayed a month through Senate mail security. Please refrain from sending a letter.) We need them to speak up to the FDA, and sign the letter from Congressman Costello. Ask them to help us keep homeopathy accessible and put a stop to the proposed further regulation. We’ve made it simple for you to communicate your thoughts and feelings with them through this letter. (For your convenience the sample letter is provided below.)

Dear Congressman/woman ——-

Thank you so much for receiving my recent letters about Homeopathy. The organization I support, Americans for Homeopathy Choice (, is mostly made up of moms, and we simply want our voices heard on this very important issue involving the FDA.

I wanted to let you know that Congressman Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania has agreed to send a letter to the FDA, and I am writing to ask you to please sign on to Ryan Costello‘s letter and champion alternative health.

This is a bi-partisan issue and because homeopathy is an important part of our my family’s healthcare, it is a vital issue for me as a mom. Specifically, the FDA plans to fully withdraw the Compliance Policy Guide 400.400 (CPG). This CPG has fairly guided the FDA’s enforcement of the manufacturing & marketing of homeopathic products for 30 years, during which time Homeopathy has grown into a 3-billion-dollar industry while also experiencing virtually no safety concerns to consumers. Withdrawing the CPG returns the homeopathic industry to an environment of unclear and burdensome guidelines.

We CAN’T let this happen!

We only have until March 20th before the FDA’s public comment period ends, enabling them to proceed with their new draft enforcement against homeopathy. If unchallenged, these actions will position the FDA to impact my free access to homeopathy.

PLEASE sign Congressman Costello’s letter to ensure that the FDA maintains the use of the CPG 400.400, which has—for decades—ushered safe and reliable homeopathic products onto the market.

Finally, I request that you please join and become a member of the Congressional Caucus on Integrative Health and Wellness. This is a bi-partisan initiative that we support, as homeopathy is part of the integrative wellness model.

Thank you so much for your time and attention to this important matter.


[Your name here]

Now contact your Senators


Regardless of the individual political parties of these politicians, we call on our Representatives to protect homeopathy under the HPUS, as it was originally intended and understood, without rescinding the Compliance and Policy Guide 400.400 (CPG). Rescinding the CPG 400.400 is unacceptable, reckless and will be harmful to the American people who use homeopathy.

We make no statement politically, for or against these politicians. Instead, we appeal to citizens to exercise their right to contact their voted politician and express their concerns.

We encourage you to reach out to your district Representatives, urging them to take action. We need as many Congressmen/women as possible to sign on to the letter that Congressman Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania has agreed to send to the FDA.