Email to Members of Congress

Subject: FDA and Homeopathic Remedies

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s why I’m contacting you about the FDA’s plan to withdraw Compliance Policy Guidance (CPG) 400.400 which has effectively regulated the safety and purity of homeopathic remedies since 1988. The agency wants to replace it with new guidance that is conceptually flawed and poorly worded.

The new guidance would undermine trust and quality assurance, sow confusion and uncertainty, and erode the freedom to choose inherently safe homeopathic remedies. For these reasons I’m urging you to 1) tell the FDA you support keeping CPG 400.400 and oppose the Draft Guidance that would replace it, 2) support a recommendation that the FDA establish an advisory committee of homeopathic experts to provide policy advice, and 3) join the Integrative Health and Wellness Congressional Caucus which emphasizes expanding health care choices for all Americans.

For more detailed information, please see a letter prepared by Americans for Homeopathy Choice: https://bit.ly/2JIHxaW

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