Dear Senator —

As a mother who happily and rigorously uses homeopathy to care for my children and family, I want to thank you for responding to my letter concerning the FDA’s Draft Guidance on homeopathy.  That Guidance seeks to remove the Compliance Policy Guidance (CPG) 400.400, which continues to work well after 30 years. I believe the CPG 400.400 should be kept as is, and I urgently seek your support to help us keep it.

Homeopathy is a specific system of medicine based on the principle of “like cures like,” as established in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann.  It uses diluted and vigorously agitated (succussed)  substances to engage the body in healing itself, and although homeopathic products are often referred to as “drugs”, their action on the body is the antithesis of a chemical drug. 

I have learned from an organization I endorse, Americans for Homeopathy Choice, that many other citizens have received responses from their representatives, similar to the response you sent me.   We have been gratified by the number of responses received, but we have been less happy with the fact that these responses seem to be drawn from FDA briefing papers. Our purpose in writing to you was to clarify that the FDA’s planned actions on homeopathy are misguided, so drawing from their briefing papers only perpetuates the very issue for which we have turned to you for help.  The current FDA proposal not only places our access to homeopathy at risk, but also undermines our chosen system of medicine. We continue to reach out to you in gratitude for your dedication to this important issue.

Because your comment box does not fit my entire letter, please read it here: . I hope my letter clarifies, point by point, some of your statements.



Regardless of the individual political parties of these politicians, we call on our Senators to protect homeopathy under the HPUS, as it was originally intended and understood, without rescinding the Compliance and Policy Guide 400.400 (CPG). Rescinding the CPG 400.400 is unacceptable, reckless and will be harmful to the American people who use homeopathy.

We make no statement politically, for or against these politicians. Instead, we appeal to citizens to exercise their right to contact their voted politician and express their concerns.

We encourage you to reach out to your state Senators, urging them to take action.