Sponsor Homeopathy on the Hill 2021

Americans for Homeopathy Choice will host its second Homeopathy on the Hill event through video conference calls between homeopathy advocates and Members of Congress April 22, 2021.

Some 300 motivated homeopathy activists who include retailers, practitioners, educators and consumers are expected to attend our Virtual Advocacy Day. During video conference calls,  they will deliver their message to hundreds of members of Congress about the importance of keeping the full range of homeopathic medicines available to the public. Become a sponsor to help advocate for homeopathy choice.

Support homeopathy during a critical time in history

This is a critical time for homeopathy. The FDA is threatening to move toward a regulatory framework that would threaten all of homeopathy. So far, the homeopathy community through Americans for Homeopathy Choice has been able to advance our perspective and engage the FDA in a serious and fruitful discussion about the future of homeopathy.

Our friends in Congress have helped make that possible by pressuring the FDA to enter into serious discussions. We continue to need Congressional support to persuade the FDA to adopt a sensible framework that both protects consumers and assures their continuing access to all of homeopathy.

Your support of Homeopathy on the Hill exposes you to the most dedicated advocates for homeopathy from across the country. It also helps to advance our common goal of safeguarding the freedom to choose homeopathy for all Americans.

Members of last year's event said:

“Thank you everyone for working so hard in DC. I don’t know about y’all, but I had the time of my life! I had no idea it would be so fun to talk to politicians about something I’m so passionate about! Talk about life changing! I learned a lot about myself for sure. Homeopathy for the win!”

Kayla Bloom

“I just finished my meeting with Representative Stauber and he said he is interested in seeing the legislation and learning more about it. He was very nice. I am very hopeful that we have found an ally!”

RL Hancock

“Thank you EVERYONE that made this happen! You are amazing! You’re hard work paid off and you made this such a great experience. I feel empowered. I did SO many things I have never done before and never thought I’d do! #wecandohardthings and I know we are making a difference.”

Adrian Brett-Slimp



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  •  Audio/Visual/Technology Costs
  • PR Specialists designing briefs for Congress
  • Training specialists to prepare our advocates with talking points
  • Potentially hiring a lobbyist to help further the cause if funds allow


Americans for Homeopathy Choice has continued its broader legislative strategy to Congress. Our grassroots Homeopathy Action Team (HAT) has worked hard to maintain and develop relationships with staffers at the local district/state locations, and now we want to make a big push at the national Washington D.C. Offices. We need to get as much support as possible to protect and empower homeopathy. At our last fly-in event in 2019, we were able to identify new offices who are supportive of homeopathy choice while also forging stronger relationships with previous supporters. Therefore your financial support is critical so that we can continue our meaningful conversations with representatives that can influence decisions about homeopathy in America.

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