Homeopathy to the Rescue: Kits and Kisses

To rescue is to save or be saved from distress or danger.  I want to share two stories of how homeopathy has come to the rescue.   

Traveling Keds and Traveling Kits

I host a blog, Always a First Lady.  Last year I wrote Traveling Shoes  about my many trips, always wearing my comfortable Keds.  Well, today is not about my shoes, but about my new constant companion, my homeopathy kit and how it rescued a traveling friend.  

In July, I enjoyed a cruise with friends from elementary school.  My roommate complained of pain in her foot and that she had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.  She had been treated with steroid injections that left bruises and the pain. Having had this condition, I remembered the excruciating discomfort that I experienced.  I shared with her my dilemma and how oils, herbs, stretching and chiropractic care did not resolve it for me. I gave her the remedies and a brief explanation of this nontoxic and inherently safe paradigm of medicine.  On the next day, I was told by one of the other ladies that I had healed my roommate’s foot.

Now, that’s Homeopathy to the Rescue.  

A Powerful Kiss

This rescue story is from Gaylene.  She shared this Miracle Alert from her arsenal of homeopathy saves.  

Utilizing homeopathy for years, she has used a few remedies for a few conditions.  Her husband had no feeling in is lip for 37 years. Yes, 37 years. Just a couple of weeks ago, he kissed her and realized that he could feel his lip.  This was not anything they were working on. Gaylene calls it a “Side Benefit”. Wow, what kind of kiss was that?

Now, that’s Homeopathy to the Rescue.  

These are just two of the many stories of how homeopathy rescued us.  And I know that you have some to share also. Contact here to have your story included in future episodes of Homeopathy to the Rescue.  

If homeopathy has rescued you, now it is time for you to rescue homeopathy.  How can you rescue homeopathy? I am so glad you asked.

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Always with the power to choose,

Harriet Noel Jones

About Harriet Noel Jones:  Harriet is a speaker, writer, and published author.  Connect with her at her at https://alwaysafirstlady.com  where she transforms lives with Faith and Wisdom Principles for Wholistic Living.  At home in Tennessee, you can find her always with a healthy living concoction brewing.  

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