News is recent or notable information received about significant events.  But news (N.E.W.S.) is also an acronym: […]

Homeopathy to the Rescue: Kits and Kisses

To rescue is to save or be saved from distress or danger.  I want to share two […]

Miracle in the Making

Christmas has passed but the season has been memorable.  Food and family, gifts and good cheer to […]

A Choice and a Chance

In my continuing efforts to support Americans for Homeopathy Choice and its fight to save homeopathy, I […]

Survival of the Fittest

Many years ago, my husband and I were planning a long-awaited trip to the Galapagos Islands. Knowing […]

You Can Do It

The Little Engine That Could is a familiar children’s story.  Happily chugging along, a train filled with […]

Homeopathy to the Rescue

I have been using homeopathy for a little more than two years.  So, I guess that makes […]

Not on My Watch

I am not sure who coined the phrase Not on my watch or where it originated.  But […]

David vs Goliath Part 2

“Over time, my efforts helped incite others to action. You kick a few pebbles, you turn a […]

David vs Goliath Part 1

It can seem lonely fighting an industry.  The fight against the FDA can indeed be overwhelming.  As […]

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