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 It’s time to send your senators and representatives another letter, to give them updated, more specific directions on how to help! Many of you let us know that their email responses seemed to not address your concerns. We gathered many of those responses and created a educational follow up for you to send them!

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The FDA is positioning itself to be able to impose action on Homeopathy, but it is not actually proposing those actions at this stage. 
How are they positioning themselves? By proposing the removal of the CPG 400.400.

This is a critical document that has guided the FDA on how they enforce Homeopathic regulations, and the FDA is saying that it will withdraw this document as soon as the final guidance comes out… and by doing so, they liberate themselves from what has been a clear line of enforcement principles in the regulation of homeopathy. 

The open comment period to have your say with the FDA on this proposal has just ended.
However, we are not finished yet. 


Are we making a difference? Absolutely! Check out the letter Congressman Biggs sent the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations, in support of our cause.

This is a direct result from your letters and our visit to Washington.

As of December 2017, the FDA is proposing new draft guidance for “Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic” that announces the FDA’s intent to completely withdraw the Compliance Policy Guide (CPG) 400.400. This is reckless and unwise because now the homeopathic industry would no longer have a clear set of compliance guidelines and would be subject to arbitrary enforcement actions by the FDA, at the sole discretion of it’s deputies. This could set dangerous precedent, limiting the rights of individuals to choose their own appropriate healthcare.

Americans for Homeopathy Choice represents the interest of 6 million citizens, especially mothers, who use homeopathy. The letters and documents on our website have been drafted with the help of homeopaths, educators, and homeopathic manufacturers. We see this action by the FDA as a danger to our freedom to choose our own health care options. We want to keep our freedom to choose homeopathy for our families–and limiting our access to homeopathic medicine can be devastating to this industry.

The FDA should not rescind the CPG 400.400, a guidance that has proven itself effective to both the industry and consumers. We question the intent behind this action and note the inevitable damage it would cause to the homeopathic industry and our free access to it.

Americans for Homeopathy Choice is a non-partisan community organization that was formed to:

– support the rights of the 6 million, and growing, Americans who use homeopathy,

– and homeopaths and naturopaths who use homeopathic remedies to treat their patients,

– and homeopathic pharmacies who manufacture and distribute remedies in the United States.

We are run by volunteers, and funded by donations from people who believe in our mission.



We believe doctors have a place in modern medicine.
We believe that we are everyday world changers.
We believe that we need to join hands across the aisle to make change.
We believe that change is possible.
We believe that we need to demand better from our voted lawmakers.
We believe in education over suppression of information.  The more people know, the better they can serve their community.
We believe that most of us agree more often than the media, or our politicians want us to believe we do.
We believe that if we team together we are stronger together, and we CAN make America great.
We believe that we have the right to choose our own healthcare options.
We believe that health—like education, and jeans—is NOT one size fits all.
We believe in our freedom to choose homeopathy.
We believe that some things that are hard to understand, are worth it.
We believe that moms want what is best for their families, and will fight hard for that right.
We believe that people can make mistakes, and we can love them in spite of their mistakes.
We believe that kisses really make owies feel better.
We believe that kindness is always better than anger.
We believe community is a powerful thing.
We believe that there is more that unites us than divides us.
We believe that every person is capable of changing the world.
We can disagree and make the world a better place – at the same time.
We believe that we can disagree and still be respectful.
We believe our country is great, and has a responsibility to the world to defend natural medicine. Many countries are following suit in over regulating homeopathy. We owe it to humanity to stand up for rights for all mankind.