Writing Your Comment

Because it is more effective to write your own comment in your own style rather than merely cut and paste one written for you, we are providing the following guide for writing your comment:

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International supporters are also welcome to post a comment! 

Please include the docket number at the top of your comment- 

1. Include your name, state, email, and phone number (if desired). 

2. Select “Individual Consumer” as the Category, unless you are submitting your comment as a more suitable selection. This is a required field. 

3. State your support for the petition put forth by Americans for Homeopathy Choice.

Include some of the following as appropriate in your comment:

Keywords and phrases:


  • -approve

  • -turn CPG 400.400 into regulation

  • -effective

  • -freedom to choose homeopathic remedies

  • -in full agreement with content of the petition

  • -withdraw Draft Guidance

  • -safe

  • -sign on

  • -support

  • -system of medicine


Personal experience with homeopathy:


  • -Try to keep this to experiences away from highly controversial subjects (i.e. cancer is the main one).  If you do share how homeopathy helped you in a more serious condition, perhaps mention that you worked with an appropriately qualified homeopath.  If you also worked in adjunct with your medical doctor, mention that as well.

  • -Further reasons that you love homeopathy.

  • -How you use homeopathy as a primary medicine in your home with children, elderly family members, pets/furry family, etc.

1. Actions you as a consumer request that the FDA:


      • -Create an advisory committee on homeopathy to protect homeopathy as a safe and effective system under FDA oversight.

      • -Withdraw the Draft Guidance for Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic dated December 2017.

      • -Turn CPG 400.400 into regulation

2. Thank FDA for consideration of this matter.


If you are unable to compose your own comment, you may view a sample comment by -Click here.

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