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Outlasting The Storm: The Story of Jennifer in Washington State

The Homeopathy Choice Insider

Hello! Welcome to the Homeopathy Choice Insider. Every Monday, you’ll be getting an update from us where we will pull back the curtain and provide you with a quick 3-5 minute insider’s view of what we work so diligently to do, each week, at Americans for Homeopathy Choice.

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  • Our HAT team is comprised of State Captains and Congressional Leads.
  • Today we are talking about Jennifer, a Congressional Lead who braved the storm to meet with her Congresswoman during a town hall meeting at the top of a mountain in dodgy weather!
  • Jennifer’s courage and tenacity enabled her to spend one-on-one time discussing homeopathy with her Congresswoman while others stayed home – a rare a priceless opportunity.
  • We all must stay tenacious in the storm! Joining your state’s HAT team is a great way to make a huge impact with small efforts in the fight to preserve homeopathy for all.
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  • Stay tuned next week as we talk about the culminating event that all HAT members participate in each year.

Our job is not to change the world; our job is to steward the gifts we’ve been given.

Summary of Today’s Episode:

On our Monday Insider, we’ve been talking about our grassroots advocacy team, the Homeopathy Action Team, or HAT for short, who work on building relationships with Congress at the Federal level. 


Today I want to tell you about one of our incredible Congressional Leads, Jennifer. She had completed her training months prior and had already been building a relationship with the staffer in her congressional office. But, per our recommendation, she had signed up to get emails and updates from her Congresswoman, and she noticed that the Congresswoman did local town halls with constituents. Many congressional offices do meetings like “Breakfast with the Congressman” or something similar. Anyhow, she learned that her Congresswoman would be near her area. The day of the event came, and the weather couldn’t have been worse. It was rainy and stormy. To get to the location, Jennifer had to drive up a mountain, something nobody would really want to do in that weather. But she decided to brave the storm. She’d set time aside to go to the town hall, and she was going to fulfill her plans. She climbed in her car, braved the storm, and arrived at the location.


And guess what? Attendance was a bare minimum. Everyone else had decided to stay home because of the weather. She got to sit with the Congresswoman one-on-one and talk about homeopathy. If you know anything about the pace and schedules of these congresspeople, you know that this is a rarity to have so much personal time. The meeting was meaningful and fruitful. We got another feather in our cap in our support on Capitol Hill. This Congresswoman sits on an important committee related to our work, and Jennifer was our miracle in the storm. We all laughed and smiled because Jennifer had no idea how the day would turn out for her. And that’s the journey EACH of our CLs embark on when they join the HAT team. We don’t know the outcome, but we can promise you that even the most minor efforts will make a big difference.


Jennifer reminds us that we, as an organization, as members of the HAT team, and as members of the homeopathy community… we will never, never, never give up. We have to stay tenacious in the storm. Right now, there is a storm raging not only against homeopathy but against natural medicine, and we need to outlast the storm. The day will come when the storm passes. It always does, sooner or later, and we will be there, outlasting the storm. And like Jennifer, we need to gather our courage to drive up the mountain and face the storm for a reward at the top of the mountain. She’s an example to us of what each of you can do. We hope you keep listening to our weekly insider reports and stay with us. 

Never, never, never give up! 


We are talking so much about the HAT team because it is our most precious asset and the most excellent chance to win our fight to protect homeopathy in the USA. 


OK! That’s it for this week. Join us next week as we discuss the culminating event all HAT members participate in each year.

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